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  1. If the Brake Hold is not releasing upon acceleration, there is a software update to prevent this condition. Have your dealership check to see if your car falls within the production range as some later 2007 models already have the update.
  2. Did you replace the two gaskets along with the damper?
  3. If recalibration doesn't fix the issue, the vehicle may need a new occupant detection computer.
  4. The only complaint we see with the factory remote start on the 2010s is the short range. The range is very short compared to the aftermarket models.
  5. The towing converter box is in the rear cargo area, passenger side, behind side trim panel. The part is shown in the parts catalog but there seems to be a bug since it's not identified in the catalog. It's just the picture but no part number or description attached to it. If the converter box is like the earlier RX330/350 models, there were two different boxes. One for vehicles with the towing option (TO) or without. If a hitch was installed on the RX without the TO option, the brake lights on the trailer would not work. The converter box needed to changed in order for the brake lights to work. Unfortunately, due to this catalog bug I can't tell if there is more than one box. I hope your RX came with the TO option.
  6. I doubt you can fix it permanently as the problem is probably the window glass itself. One the plastic tabs on the bottom of the glass may have come loose or broke off. That part unfortunately is not serviceable. Normally the window glass is replaced.
  7. The current version is 9.1.
  8. You're not paying for a code. You are paying for what set off the code. They have to follow a diagnostic trouble tree flowchart. The code is only the starting point.
  9. The tire sensors aren't plug and play. They'll have to be registered (programmed) to the car.
  10. Welcome! The trick is have the dealership replace the rear height sensor(s). They're most likely corroded and stuck in the high position.
  11. Part number for the egr gas temp sensor is 89412-50010.
  12. Yes it should light up. Sounds like your bulb is burnt out.
  13. The 2010 RX350 uses a hard drive based system not a DVD.
  14. Navigation is DVD based. I believe unit is in the glove box.
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