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  1. How do you do that? My is having the same issue. Its working on and off depending on its mood.
  2. Yes, I use to own several BMWs. Their suspension are good but at around 80k miles they are pretty wore out compare to new.
  3. I have a modern luxury 06 LS430 Sport. Lately I feel the suspension is softer but also the ride is rougher when the road is not super smooth. It just reach 100k and I think its perhaps suspension had wore out over the years. How do I confirm its the suspension and what part beside shock need to be replace? Thanks. 2006 Sport with Modern luxury package.
  4. They are not really into dealing in SoCal Lexus but after 6 different dealers that I was able to get two dealer to offer me $2k off and two other to offer me $1700 off on my 2014 GX460.
  5. Hi all, I'm thinking about trading up to a 7 seater and want to find out if I can get a fair deal on my pristine condition silver LS430 with 47xxx miles. Here is the invoice of my car from the original purchase. Front and Rear brake pad and rotor has just been replaced within the last 6 month. $30999 NEG in SoCal. # PERFORMANCE FEATURES * 4.3 Liter 278HP Four Cam 32-Valve V8 Engine with Continuously Variable Valve Timing w/Intelligence (VVT-i) * 6-Speed Sequential Shift Automatic Electronically Controlled Transmission w/Intelligence (ECT-i) * 4-Wheel Independent Double Wishbone Suspen
  6. I been reading the report as well but I think too much politics has play into these report in the last 10 years. I don't know if they are even trust worthy anymore.
  7. New Jaguar does seem to be very good looking and packs a punch but I don't know if their reliability has gone up or not. I want a reliable car for my mom where I don't have to worry about too much since I'm in SoCal.
  8. Yes, she does like sporty car. Considering her last car before 528i was a 840i.
  9. I was ask to pick out a car for my 60 years old mom. She currently drive a BMW 528i in New York. She wanted a Porsche Panamera but that was scratched since she need something that seats 5. I ask here because I believe people who drove Lexus are people who think and research before they make the right purchase in getting what they wanted for the money including myself.:D. My question is what is the best car in the list below best suited for New York driving condition and can carry 2 set of golf bag for her age group, thanks for all you help in advance (No turbo): 1. BMW 5 GT Series 2. BMW
  10. I'm thinking about picking up an 2008 IS-F as a daily driver. Its seem the price is dropping as fast as M3. Hopefully it'll be dropping just below $30k this summer or winter this year then I'll sweep one up. I would opt for a new one but I need my SUV so a pre-own one will do. I put my faith in Lexus built quality and affordable maintenance over M3. Otherwise I would rather have the M3.
  11. Anyone ever been able to get a hold of a live person when calling Sirius Radio for Activation, renewal or change of service? I've tried calling them several times and have waited over 30 minutes on 2 occasion and still no one answer.
  12. Finally spot the location. The jacking point seen to be very fragile since half of it is the side skirt. I was looking at th actual chassis earlier. Oh, well. wish me luck.
  13. Thanks for the confirmation, I guess I would save my money from doing Sirius to XM conversion all together.
  14. Thanks for the PDF doc. I swear I do not see the indentation when I check last night. I'll look even closer tonight when I'm get off work. Thanks for all the help.
  15. Anyone know Can 06 LS430 Nav support Nav Traffic from XM? I'm thinking about switching from Sirius to XM for Nav Traffic. Its very neat and I grown to love it with my Acura MDX. Can't really search for anything regarding XM as there isn't enough character in the word for the search function.
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