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  1. Can I remove the roof rack on my RX 350 -2015 as I never use it or should I just continue to ignore it . The roof would be easier to wash without the rack .
  2. You are lucky , it has a timing chain . That will save you $900.00
  3. Thanks -I will give mobile 10/30 a try , it should save me $$$$ as Lexus dealer charges 110.00.
  4. I had a 1996 ls400 with 240,000 ,only major service was a timing belt $900.00 which was worth the investment . Only reason I no longer have it was the LS 400 was no match for a large deer . I now have a 2006 LS 430 with 69,000 miles , If you want a car for life the LS series is the answer .
  5. Do I need synthetic oil $90.00 at the dealer or can I use regular oil while changing every 5,000 miles ?
  6. My control works well on the passenger side but not so much on the driver side . Lexus quoted me a price of $400.00 for the fix , an auto repair shop wants to replace the mirror assembly -cost 460.00
  7. Rock Auto carries the hood lift I need for 35.00 for 2 . Beats the dealer price , thanks for the help .
  8. I nned to replace my hood lift supports on LS 400 1996 , Lexus dealer wants to charge 400.00 to replace . Has onyone found a cheaper way to go ?
  9. Raymond, you may possibly be THE person we have been searching for! Someone who actually had a VVTi trashed due to timing belt. Can you give us more details? Year, mileage? We are ready for a good old horror story. I have a 1996 ls400 , the miles at the time 130k . Sorry to say I had the belt replaced 5 years ago ....or so I thought , I guess paying for service and getting said service are 2 different things . I was doing about 60 when I heard a clunk , lucky to get off the road to the shoulder. I was screwed .The Lexus dealer tracked down an engine with 80k miles as a replacement .The engine was 2000 and the service run 3500, sure glad Lexus only charges 120.00 per hour or it really would of sucked . Thats what its like to be screwed over big time by a mechanic ...anyway that was 2 years ago and my car is still running . PS I needed to replace my hood strut shocks ,dealer estimate 450 ,I found them online for 27.00 for the pair . Dodged another bullet
  10. My timing belt snapped and the repair bill was 6K , had to replace the engine . Did I get ripped off by the dealer ?
  11. I turned on my heater this morning and got nothing but cold air , outside is 18 degree and inside about the same . Do I have a broken thermostat ? I drive a 96 Ls 400 -never had this problem before . Ray