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  1. Although my 2005 GX still has a lotta life remaining, I've got the bug and want a 2014 GX. I know it's just getting into the showroom, but I'm wondering what kind of deals y'all have gotten this early in the model year?
  2. Bought my 2005 GX new in July, 2005 - my first Lexus and first luxury vehicle. I really like this vehicle and service at the dealership could not be better - maybe less expensive, but not better. However, I've had too many problems with this luxury vehicle, even though they have been covered by warranty: battery replaced at 46K miles/45 months; moonroof housing and cables replaced at 48K miles/46 months; driveshaft replaced at 48K miles/46 months; and transfer case o-ring leak repaired at 72.7K miles/73 months. The GX was barely out of warranty for this last very expensive repair (~$2600), but was covered 100% after I requested a review by the Service Manager. With my previous less expensive GM and Ford vehicles I experienced problems, but not such costly ones as with the GX. Now that I am well beyond warranty coverage I'm wondering if I should be looking at a new Audi or Acura.