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  1. I just bought a 2010 Lexus RX350 and my Verizon Gz Boulder will not stay connected to the bluetooth. It connects in my Lexus SC430 fine, and had no issues with the same phone in my 2007 Lexus RX350. The software version is V9230M09. There is nothing on Lexus letstalk, and on the websites about any phone that is compatible. I called Lexus customer service, and the said that there is not a single phone that is compatible with any cell phone company. I know that Lexus is still testing them, but to tell me that no phones work is rediculous. My salespersons phone and my husbands both work. I went to the dealership and tried it in another 2010 RX, and the same issue occurs. It connects and then disconnects. Please help - overly frustrated. :chairshot:
  2. I am trying to get a treo wx connected to the bluetooth system on a 2006 Lexus SC430. I have made the connection, but it will loose the conncection randomly. Is there a issue with the phone, or am I missing something. There is nothing at www.lexus.letstalk.com for pairing on any treo.
  3. If you love your car than it is a good deal. If it is not a good deal, it doesn't really matter at this point. But that is a good price for the vehicle.
  4. My understanding is that typically for the same service, labor at a Toyota dealer would be cheaper, but I've heard tell... if there is a Lexus dealer within proximity, they will send you there or use the same rates. Go figure. Regards, Rookie That is not that bad of a price for a timing belt and water pump. just make sure you do them both at the same time. it will save you a ton of money on labor
  5. If you email me your VIN number at lpate@lexusoftacoma.com I can pull whatever comments were made during the certification process. Most dealerships comment the brakes in our system.
  6. in my next revision i will put in the treo instructions. I have worked with a few treo 700s so far, and i dont have the connection process down completely yet. I actually just connect it just like the 650, but sometimes it will connect, sometimes it wont and i just brute force it until it finally goes, then i am set.
  7. Here it is! the Unofficial Official Non-Official Lexus Technology FAQ....Officially. In a possible futile attempt to remedy the influx of general questions regarding bluetooth and homelink, I have created the Lexus Technology FAQ. Please either sticky this in various forums or just link it around when someone asks about the covered material. Hopefully it will reduce the amount of times the same directions have to be repeated. I have made this guide from my experiences working at a Lexus Dealership and helping people on a daily basis with such problems, but since many of you can't come to see me, I will come to you...sorta. I have provided both .doc and .rtf versions for maximum compatibility. Lexus_FAQ.doc Lexus_FAQ.rtf
  8. I have made a post with more of my bluetooth experience that the readers of this thread may find informative. Im not trying to spam it, i just want people to get as much information as they can get. http://us.lexusownersclub.com/forums/index...showtopic=28005
  9. This is it, after many months of working with various models of phones I feel confident in saying this: Samsung phones are NOT compatable with Lexus! Every, and i mean EVERY, samsung phone that has ever been brought to me for one reason or another has had problems with the lexus system. Be it Verizon, Sprint, Cingular...any service provider, the samsung phones just have problems with constantly disconnecting, reconnecting, calls not going through to the lexus soundsystem...everything. My honest opinion is this: If you own or looking to own a lexus and you are getting or have a new phone, do not get a samsung. I do not harbor any aggression or ill-content towards Samsung in any way, I just want to save all current and potential Lexus owners grief, time, and money. I am sorry if you are a fan of Samsung products, you may go ahead and get one to use with your car if you wish, but you have been warned. If you do want to know a phone brand that will work, I would have to say Motorola. Now, I am not saying this as a fan of their product, which I am not. I actually prefer Sony Ericsson over anything else, and I find the Motorola UI to be annoying and I absolutly hate the keypad on the RAZR, but I have to say this...They work without a hitch. About two weeks ago I had a very nice customer come in who needed her phone number transfered into her car, and being on Verizon, she couldn't. I put all of her numbers into my work phone (Sony Ericsson T637) and transfered them for her. I then proceeded to show her the functions of the call system, one touch dial, everying. In all of our attempts her Samsung SCH-A950 would not function correctly, the calls would not come in throught system or we couldnt hear anything. Samsung phones do not have any expanded bluetooth options to direct where calls should go, be it to the handset or headset, unlike many other phone manufactures do. Even after I thought I had figured everything out and got it working, she grabbed me as I was heading out to help another customer and said it would no longer connect. In the end the only thing I could tell her was to take it back and get a different phone. She did, she picked up a Motorola (she didn't say which model in her email to me) and said she would let me know if there were any problems. I have not heard from her since. That is the problem with this job, I only see our customers if they have a problem, and if I do my job correct, I will never hear from them again. Some of you may remember I had posted back in Decemeber in regards to another instance I had with the SCH-A950 with another customer. Doing the exact same things as the instance described above, some times working, some times not. The only solution I could find for him was that there was a firmware update coming out with within the next week or two. I had not heard from him since, until about a half an hour ago. He was still having the exact same problems as prior even after the fireware update. I unfortunatly had to tell him that I could do nothing for him, I believe he is on his way back to Verizon to get a Motorola phone. I have had the same problems with the (MM)SPH-A900, and i believe the A970. I hope this helps someone prevent would could be a frusterating time in the future.
  10. Awesome! I am happy to hear that you got it working. "Offically" I am not really suppose to tell customers that stuff, but i figure it is a feature that a lot of people want fixed, so i owe it to the customer to tell them how to get past that small, but annoying problem. As far as the other buttons and their functions...I have no clue what so ever. I am a little scared to test them out since the cars i would be using would not be mine, and i dont want to be responsible for one of our used vehicles to go haywire. I was actually just trying to find the other buttons in the giant lexus repair manual, and i will post them once i figure them out. My guess is that most of the buttons are for diagnostic purposes or other things along those lines.
  11. two replys to the person who said something about hopefully there will be a AWD version of the IS 350. The IS350 won't have a AWD due to the fact that it already has VDIM (Vehicle Dynamic Management System) wear as the IS250 AWD does not have VDIM. "Are you suggesting that Lexus is not going to do this? Are they trying to keep the numbers low or will the lots be full of them in 4 months?" I don't know whether or not they are keeping them low, but I do know that there is a waiting list, and depending on the size of the dealership dictates how many vehicles they get per month. Our Dealership is currently like that with the 400h, I think we might have finally caught up with demand, but for a while there pretty much the instant they roll off the truck, they are sold. Also, when you are looking for a deal, you have a better chance on a vehicle that is in stock vs one they have to order. If you want a black IS350 with all the bells and whistles, and the only one they have on the lot or on the way in the truck is a white IS350 w/o nav, you aren't going to get that awesome deal on the one they have to order you. But it is like what SW03ES said "if you have to ask its too expensive," alot of dealers won't go below msrp, heck most won't go 500 over msrp depending on the vehicle.
  12. The majority of LX SUVs are equiped with the Luxury Package (Nav, Mark Levinson, Rear Camera...) but you could also get it without that if you wanted. It all depends on how the dealership orders the vehicle.
  13. if you are able to install a nav system on a non nav vehicle, you are going to have to do it 3rd party. Lexus dealerships won't/can't install them. You would have to get all of the components elsewhere and get someone to do the install. If you want nav for your car, you are better off getting one of those mobile ones, like TomTom or Magellan.
  14. Hello all, I am poised with a difficult situation. I currently work for a lexus dealership at the help desk (helping with bluetooth, navigation, homelink, programing keys....) and i have run into a problem that hopefully the forum members can assist me with. I do phonebook transferes for guests who have verizon phones who can't transfer their contacts, by putting their numbers into a phone here at the dealership (sony ericsson T610) and transfering them into the car. My dilemma is this: Slowly but surely the bluetooth transfers are becoming harder and harder to accomplish. When I first started this I was able to beam them in with only one try. As time went on it would fail once or twice before it would then connect, and today it wouldn't connect at all. It will connect just for the bluetooth pairing, but it fails for the data transfer. I am currently on the my second phone, same make and model. The first one was acting like crap when I got this position, so i wrote that one off as just being old. The second one use to work like a dream until recently. I want to know, does bluetooth wear down? can it break or become faulty? My knowledge is limited to personal experience, and as I currently don't personally own a bluetooth enabled phone, i have nothing to compare my experiences too. Has anyone else experienced a bluetooth breakdown or anything similar? Do you suspect it is exclusive to Sony Ericsson phones or has anyone had this happen to a motorola. any and all feedback will help.
  15. No, its just that normally when you are pairing the Treo it won't completely link up until you make a phone call, then it will click and finish up. I look forward to seeing you, I'll be the guy at the help desk, though I always seem to manage to be away from my desk right when I am needed by a customer :) No matter how long I sit there, the moment I go help one customer or take pictures for the ebay sales 5 people will show up needing a key programmed or a phone linked up.
  16. We are experiencing the same issues with the new SAMSUNG A900 and Sprint - requires turning BT off on phone and re-enabling it. We have a new Samsung SCH-a950 from Verizon. When the car is turned on the system indicates that bluetooth has connected. We can use the screen in the car to make a call. The problem is that most of the time the voice does not switch over to the car's handsfree system; you have to talk and listen on the phone. Some of the time it works properly (i.e. the cars speaker and mic work). It seems hit and miss, it either connects fully or not, and if not, you make a call, the call goes thru annoying the called person, yet we cant talk to them. But the next time we start up the car, it might work correctly. Has anyone else experienced this behavior? The phone works fine with a bluetooth headset so it seems the phone is OK. The car works fine with another phone (Cingular/Motorola V551 always works) so it seems the car is OK. But the combination is flaky and unsuitable for prime time. I don't know what to do. This again is exactly the same problem. Samsung tech's say "this is a problem and they forward the issue for checking". Lexus has never gotten back to me. Sprint says ? Change to cingular or bypass car and use bluetooth headset..... I still gamble that when I'm in the car it will work to receive a call or send, and I wind up picking up phone. It *BLEEP*es me off because when I got the phone a Sprint rep came out to the car and paired it and it seemed to work fine.....as you know!!! Frustrating, HuH!!!! I currently work for a Lexus dealership handling the Help Desk. It is my job to help customers with technology questions, though i mainly get navigation and bluetooth questions. I have actually helped a customer with the SCH-a950. The phone would pretty much work when it wanted to, sometimes just fine, sometimes it would delay or won't let someone hear or talk. The one I was working with was from Verizon. I spoke with Verizon about the problem and they couldn't give me a straight answer. The phone works just fine with standard handsets. We deduced that it may have something to do with the bluetooth profiles that Verizon disables and that it could be causing incompatability. There was a firmware update scheduled for a week or so after when I was working on this problem. I haven't heard from the customer or anyone since about the phone. But now that you mention that the SCH-a940 is behaving in the same manner, but with a different Cellular Provider leads me to believe that it is infact just samsung phones. I would have to say that of all of the phones i have used with the lexus systems, motorola seems to work the best, followed by Sony Ericsson. I have hooked up a few Nokias, and they generally work well except for the 3650, that one had compatability issues. From what i have read Audiovox do not work with the system. Blackberry's work well, but you can't do data transfers. The Treo works, you have to do a little trick to register it correctly with the system, but it will do data transfers even the ones from Verizon. Hope this helps. I will continue to post any info i find on phones, and im working on compiling my own compatability list from all of the phones that i have personally worked with and ones that are brought in with problems.
  17. Oh yeah, sorry i didnt mention that. There are very few phones that will do the entire phonebook at once. Im not really sure why this is, but every spec sheet i read on the big phones out there, its like one out of twenty will do phonebook at once. Im glad I was able to help, hope you enjoy your new phone. btw, which dealership did you end up buying your RX 400h from?
  18. The only thing I can think of that you should keep in mind is that with a hard top convertible that the trunk is already a bit small and when the top is down, you lose it pretty much completely. Other than that, Hardtop convertibles are awesome and the SC 430 is no exception. I have driven about 4 so far and I enjoy them very much. It is a little too small of a car for myself, and the virtual lack of backseats annoy me a little, but that is just me and my lifestyle. I really don't think i have been in another vehicle that provide the jaw-kicking acceleration and speed like a sports car and still be incredibly comfortable ride that only a luxury car can provide. So far I am not very impressed with Mercedes Benz vehicles. It seems like they are a love em or hate em car. The only one i really like is the SLR Mclarhen, but that is a 400k vehicle and plenty out of my range.
  19. I have never had a Sony Ericsson phone not work on any lexus bluetooth system. Also, I have found that Motorolas seem to perform quite well. I know this is beating a dead horse, but if you want full functionality stay away from verizon phones, as you will not be able to do any phone book transfers and some of them put up a fuss when trying to talk through the system. The fact that Verizon handicaps itself like that is very sad considering they have the best network and reception I have ever used. Had they allowed bluetooth transfers I wouldn't see any reason to use a different carrier. Im rambling now. so lets sum it up. Sony Ericsson = good. Motorola = Good. Blackberry = Good. I think i have tried one or two nokias but im not sure.
  20. the navi override does not affect the phone system. You have to physically remove a wire from behind the system to remove the phone block out. Search the forums for the detailed instructions.
  21. I just took a look around the lot and we don't have any 04 RXs with navi right now for me to test. Ill update as soon as I can find a system with your version of navi
  22. You are not able to input any numbers manually except on the the new 06 IS models with the new 06 navigation system. Everything prior must be transfered via bluetooth
  23. Follow this link and it will tell you how big you can go without modification to your vehicle. It has a ver different versions of the IS 300 in there, so maybe do a new search and put in exactly what you have. http://www.discounttiredirect.com/direct/a...2003&vid=008062
  24. The Lexus navigation system only works within the continental US. It does not include Alaska or Hawaii, and to my knowledge they don't plan on adding either of those states into the system.
  25. No, the 04 sound system in any Lexus Vehicle does not play MP3 CDs. Also, if you did put one in it would probably come up as a disc error or play horrid static, I highly doubt it would get stuck.
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