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  1. I too have begun the BFI but was curious about the design. I noticed that it was for the turbo soarer but i only have a sc300 non turbo. now what i heard was the reason for going to the center of the grill was because there is somthing directly under the head light. is that true b/c there is nothing stopping me from going straight down to my right grill and making a very nice 2 chamber scoop directly to my box. hard to explain i will take pictures to show what i have done and what i plan on doing B) get back to me with any downfalls to my new design or with any ideas you might have th
  2. is there a computer upgrade chip for the sc? if so bad idea or good what does it do?
  3. very nice ideas im workin on the bfi, got the dark tints which look awesome with the white paint, have the chromes and would love to lower it if you could give me some ideas on what springs and such
  4. well no digital camera yet but i will have someone take pics soon. I got the mesh from home depot it comes in a roll and was black before i painted it. the are grills on ebay right now for sale for very cheap if you dont want the hassle of what i did im sure they are better too. I didn't take the bumper off i just used zip ties to hold it in. Like i said a very ghetto or quick slapped together job, but im proud of it :D here is the link to the ebay auction if you want that instead. I'll try to post pics as soom as i can mesh
  5. Hey just wanted to see what you guys thought your best and worst upgrades were any advice as to what i can do as my first easy upgrade as a noobie
  6. In my opinion i would not waste my money on injen or removing the stock box go with the BFI
  7. Hey i acctually made a grille out of roof gutter mesh and sprayed it chrome. Very ghetto application but looks nice people think its professional took me about 30min to do cost 3$for paint 2$ for mesh
  8. Im going to give the BFI a go onmy sc300 5speed. i let you know how it comes out. P.S I have no experience what so every with any of this so this should be fun
  9. Thankyou for your advice if you have any other cool upgrade ideas please let me know :D
  10. Hey, I just got myself a 92 sc 300 5spd (LOVE IT SOOO MUCH BEST CAR EVER) and i wanted to slowly upgrade it. Just the little things and work my way up cause cash is tight. Im sure plenty of you have beautiful cars and know plenty of little things i can to to gain hp :D If any of you have any suggestions on what i should do first (something small) and help me from there i would be very happy thanks guys Sc300 5 Speed rule B)
  11. Hey Im a newbee to the lexus game but love my 5spd sc300. I also would like to have a more aggressive exhaust system but wasn't thrilled <_< with the sound that that my friends was giving off with flowmaster. Was lookin for almost a Porsche sound if at all possible. Is there a good place to go on the web for upgrade parts at a good price. any advice or help would be great. :D
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