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  1. Upping Here's a new link with reduced price. SC400 Pics & Info
  2. I'm sorry to say i'm parting with my beloved SC...:cries: My GF is getting a new car so there is really no need for me to have a car at the moment... so if any of you guys have a buddy who is in need of an SC... please refer them to me... I live in Queens, NYC. click here for details Lexus SC400 Details Oh, I lowered the price from 8K to 7K please email me at megamontana@aol.com i'll miss being here.. maybe some day down the road i'll decide to get a 2001 SC. B)
  3. didnt go yet. had to replace the lower arms. i havent had a problem since i posted this this thing up. i will let you know though.
  4. Well it happened to me, my ball joint on the drivers side popped out of it's socket. My mechanic said that nothing else was really damaged...Thank God. Plus I was going about 10mph when it popped out... Thank God (again) I wasn't going 100mph. The messed up part was that I ordered a pair of Lower Control Arms just last week, and now it decides to pop out... not even a week before i plan on doing the installation. Talk about bad karma. Well, atleast i'm still alive. I'll let you guys know how the driving experience turns out when I put the new arms on.
  5. Let us know asap blueboy, I have the EXACT same problem. It happens right in the beginning of 2nd gear.
  6. Hit the darkened area with the palm of your hand. Seriously, that's how I solved my problem.
  7. The reason why i am planning on changing the arms is because my ball joints are about to go out. I have an SC400, not a 300. I dont know if there is a difference. All I know is that the 300 and 400 brake pads have different part #'s and word is that a 300 won't fit on a 400. So maybe other parts may be different as well. I just wanna know if anyone put the Supra arms on an SC, because the Supra arm is like $200 cheaper than the SC (each). Thanks
  8. has anyone ever put the supra control arms on the sc? I heard it was possible but i wanna be 110% that its true. thanks
  9. Get the andrew vlamos steering rack bushes. they should go well with his lower control arm bushes.
  10. I'ma take it to the dealer this weekend to see whats up. I'll let you guys know...
  11. Hey Does anyone know why my car's engine would stop running when I'm idle?? After a few minutes while I warm up my car, the RPM needle goes down about half way in between 1x1000 and 0x1000 on the instrument cluster (car also shakes/trembles while the needle drops in between). Then the engine will eventually turn off with the check engine light on. This also happens while i am at a stop light. Could this be the cause of a faulty o2 sensor??? I doubt it's the alternator because I had that fixed 2 years back along with the p/s pump. Maybe a MAF?? I have a 93' SC400 with 131k on it. Thanks.
  12. I finally fixed it using the info from planet soarer. thanks to bean for the info and everyone else for their advise. safe driving everyone.
  13. Damn i dont want to go to the dealer. I know they are gonna charge me atleast $100. I guess I'll have to remove that bulb as well. Thanks for letting me know.
  14. Where can I get these checked out? Transmission Shops?? Thanks for the feedback guys.
  15. My airbag warning light is on. anyone know of a reason why it is staying on?? oh I recently pulled out the whole instrument cluster to replace a bulb. I dont know if that had anything to do with it. feedback appreciated..Thanks
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