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  1. Same here insomuch as the very scary tiny-car-swerving-out-of-control console light you mention. (I don't know what the rest of the stuff you note means...yet.) But if you covered my actual vehicle in Christmas lights, it'd BE that little illuminated dashboard illustration, when viewed from outerspace. (And yet the thing still appeared to be in near mint condition for almost ten minutes after I officially took possession of it.) 🛴.
  2. 2001 RX300 front wheel drive 135000 miles on it. One owner until late 2019 when I became lucky number two. I've had this car for a couple months and have driven it barely anywhere and I've got reasons for that. If something doesn't fall off every time I get into this car I know that I am not in my own car. In fact, if I am lucky enough to get into my car....it isn't my car. Because MY car always locks me out for mysterious reasons and sets it's panic mode against me when I attempt to resist. Once I do manage to get inside? It locks me in. I'm not joking. From the moment that I got this machine things began falling off of it, popping out of it, flying off of it, I just don't even know where to begin. The back hatch the headlights every little door and compartment inside the car is either stuck stuck closed stuck open missing or taped on. The same car that locks me out has now decided to keep the passenger window open for as long as it feels like doing it. And yes I've got the mysterious noises from the front of the car both from the inside and I'm guessing outside. Only MY dash-noises don't stop even when I turn the car off and take the key out. It moans and rattles like Jacob Marley in his chains. like I said I just got the car and have yet to have it serviced and I apologize if this posting is not very helpful but I just don't know what to say. Except that it was a quote unquote gift and I feel cursed.