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  1. I’ve been up the chain. They say… hmmm… maybe I feel a bump ( one tech said he began to notice it on his own Lexus car seat when made aware but it was barely there) but the seat is within specs. Others didn’t feel anything… so obviously it’s subjective. It’s been almost a year… I’ve survived. Other than that… my dealership takes good care of me.
  2. Sorry you are miserable too! I don’t have an issue with the heating apparatus… it’s cold here and my tush warms nicely. It’s the Big Lump along the butt crack ( indelicately said) that I swear is a glob of gel with a life of its own. Although as it ages it seems to be dying down. May it eventually rot in Hell!
  3. I’ve given up! Sometimes it’s not so bad. But I still haven’t taken a long enough trip to see if the seat is complete misery.
  4. This is a 2021 RX. Must have changed manufacturing standards. On the other hand, I don’t find the controls at all distracting!
  5. She’s lucky! My opinion… some cars had a flaw in the seat production… and a few of us are suffering for it.
  6. Hi. I have the regular version. The F sport did feel too firm for me. The person who was able to get the extra padding must go to a kinder, gentler dealership. Mine ( Pohanka) said they just couldn’t touch the seats. I previously had a 2004 RX… and of course it was super comfy.
  7. The thing is… you can’t feel the lumps with your hand. It’s only felt in the heinie when seated… or to be more specific and descriptive… the butt crack.
  8. Good luck! Keep us posted if you have success!!!! The best I came away with was an offer to pay for a seat cushion. Although the area rep did say we could work something out to switch vehicles, but I felt the lump in another RX. I was told the seat is manufactured by inserting a gel as cushioning. They said the heating and cooling apparatus is not in that spot. The back seat also has a lump, and is not heated or cooled. And as I said previously, at least for the driver’s seat, the Terrible Lump had a life of its own! Maybe we can start a movement protesting RX seats!!!!
  9. But no one expects to be “ goosed” by their car seat!
  10. Hi, Brenda. I am so sorry to hear of your difficulty, but on the other hand I am overjoyed to know there is someone else like me, and I’m not going nuts! Like you, I haven’t gotten any feedback after I met with the corporate representative way back in May. I haven’t tried to follow up… I guess I’ve given up. He did say they would reimburse me for a seat cushion, but every time I look into getting one I can’t make a decision as to what would actually work. I’ll try your folded washcloth recommendation! I too am a small lady. On the other hand, I’ve been staying close to home and haven’t driven more than 20 miles at a time. And on some of those occasions the Terrible Lump is almost not there. And other times is. It seems to have a life of its own. The horror movie The Blob! Would love to hear if you get resolution. Please keep in touch.
  11. My seats look like yours. You can’t feel anything with your hands. Nothing appears obvious. Only when I sit do I feel something more like a bubble. Again, some people don’t feel a thing, others do. It’s like a glob towards the back of the seat cushion. Or a very slender divider. I appreciate your interest. Your seats must have been manufactured on a good day! That reminds me! I placed a 7.5 lb dumbbell upright on the rear seat “egg” to see if the glob would spread out. Since I wasn’t the one driving this weekend I forgot about it. I’ll check in the morning to see if that worked ( not holding out hope!).
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