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  1. I got them from Lasfit on Amazon. They've been working really well for me and I actually got my sister a set for her Honda Civic as well.
  2. I've tried a few different lights throughout the years of having my 2003 Lexus RX300 and I must say that finally switching to LED headlights was one of my best choices. I looked through a few different options and broke it down to OPT7 and Lasfit before ultimately deciding to go with Lasfit. I got the 9006 for my lowbeams and 9005 for my highbeams and I have to say I'm really impressed with the color. Although they're 6000k they look to me as though they're about 6500k although the lights are a bit dimmer than the standard HID's. However, taking into consideration the amount of money I spend on HID's and how unreliable they are, I'm alright with this sacrifice. I looked through the reviews from other reviewers and saw that the throw down the road is a bit limited which I have noticed a bit but it hasn't hindered my decision in keeping them at all. These headlights look very high-end and luxurioius coming down the road and they match most DRL's very well! The lights produced from these LED's are a very clean white. It definitely helps me see better and reflects off of the road signs a lot better than the yellow halogens do. The lights turn on with no delay at all which is a huge plus for me. I haven't gotten high-beamed at all either since installing these lights which bodes well with me since that means it is not too much of a bother for other drivers on the road as well. Even with this great product however, the thing that has convinced me to become a lifetime customer is their customer service. They provide a 2 year warranty with their LS series lights which I purchased. I was very careful to look at how other customers have been treated in the past by them and whether or not they really honor this 2 year warranty as well as they say they do and it seems like they do. Any complaints that I saw mentioned was responded to and it seemed like they helped resolve almost all of the ones that they could. I'm hoping that my headlights will work for as long as possible but it is reassuring to know that if anything does go wrong with them I will be covered.