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  1. What mileage should I expect on Michelin pilot MXM4 ? Also, What would be the best tire replacement for primarily (>98%) interstate driving in southern Ohio and Kentucky ? Thanks all.
  2. Although still under warranty Lexus inc has replaced all rotors for the third time yet I only have 37,000 mi. on this 2008 460LS. I'm concerned as to what I should expect when the warranty is up. Any assistance would be appreciated. The service reps "can't understand it". I AM PROBABLY THE LIGHTEST ON THE BRAKE PEDAL and frequently use the manual tiptronic for braking expressly trying to preserve the rotors!
  3. If your filters are still available for an '07 460 LS i would be interested. How much are they/ gms12
  4. I was quoted $802 for a 30,000mi service on LS 460 by the dealer . Is that reasonable and/or worth it ? What gets done for $802.?
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