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  1. I just got my first oil change done since owning this vehicle. I went to my local Toyota stealership and they charged me $55 after taxes. Non synthetic.
  2. How Many Miles Does Your Lexus Have?

    2008 RX350 with 120,000 KM (75,000 Miles).
  3. Why Did You First Come To Lexus Owners Club ?

    I joined LOC to know more about my car. Basically for maintenance and troubleshooting ^_^
  4. Nice ride, hopefully you don't get any headaches with the MDX! :D
  5. 2013 Lexus Rx Intro

    +1 It looks good, but definitely will take time to get used to.
  6. Lexus Lfa Delivery @ Erin Park Lexus

    That's awesome, ill book my next service appointment on that day. :P
  7. Welcome to the Lexus forums Viper8701 :)