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  1. i have a few things i need worked on on my used Lexus i just bought, and i need to figure out which dealer to take it to. Will i get cheaper but just as good work at the Toyota dealer? i only have 2 Lexus dealer's around town and i am not excatly sure of the "rep" of either of them. i don't need major repairs, just some help with a few items (getting a proper key, getting an auto opener remote control doo dad, someone to fix the cigarette lighter), it will really be some help/customer service more than i need actual repair this time. Also just curious if you take it to toyota will they updat
  2. I still think Southwest had Pacific Southwest beat on the outfits. <_< PSA: and SWA: Actually, i think they beat Hooters Air!! Haha, we will give hooters the benefit of the doubt that pic was an unfortunate "bad hooter girl day". We all have them ;) jen
  3. no discussion of uniforms though ;) Is Hooter's Air still around?? jen
  4. <I thought this was a Lexus "HYBRID" site...why is there so much nasty negative talk about this car? Just keep driving your gas only car and be happy..> No hate from me at all dude, just conversation. i am glad you enjoy your contribution to the environment and your car. i was comparing your situation to the situation of many American's who do not live in Southern California. <With the electric vehicle... I have the station at my school parking lot...and the cars go a lot further than 40 miles...what they mean is that they can go 40 miles before the gas engine has to "Help" do y
  5. Can i be a volvo driving soccer mom in a Lexus?

  6. i am the new owner of a used '01 RX 300, and i assured my Husband i would have the car for the next 20 years :) i was just curious if any of the owners of older models are thinking about trading her in and buying new? i think i like the styling of the new models but something about this generation i just love. The visual appeal is tops for me (admittedly i am not "car" person although i am learning). The engine is a little weak but i don't need maximum performance to go the grocery store ;) Just Curious what the rest of us RX owners were thinking. Money is an object for us of course, there i
  7. i hope that in SoCal the elctric movement is happening faster than in the midwest. Everyone is falling all over themselves to discuss the Chevy Volt, until you learn it's 40K, drives 40 miles on a charge, and then the age old question, where is the electric grid that can handle this capacity (if everyone were to go electric suddenly)... interesting conversation though, a hybrid isn't even on my radar, maybe in ten years?? -jen
  8. Maybe they did focus groups and the info they received led them to believe the "L" with the circle was enough-i kind of like it :) Kudos for the marketing team if that was the case! jen
  9. Hm, no they are "meguiar's" and they weren't the cheapest ones, so i was hoping they were decent. Thank you for the recommendation. i will definitely look into that. jen
  10. welcome ! hope your issue isn't a big one ;) jen
  11. i have read the pinned topic and a few others, but i didn't see my specific question. i do apologize if this has been previously discussed. i'm a little scared to try new stuff i make up myself-the last thing i need to do is get the measurements wrong and incinerate my leather. If i went into auto-zone, advanced, etc, is there a product there that i can use on my leather to clean it? i am in a climate that is humid during summer & cold in winter, so if anyone has a conditioning product, that would be great too. i bought some leather "wipes" to keep it clean for now, but i am assuming i'l
  12. welcome from a fellow new member :)
  13. Also a small business owner, we have chosen a "regional" bank. The straw that broke our back was when US Bank closed an account on us and took our 10 year old's 100.00 from savings to cover our account. Our account never should have been closed, but to take money from a child's account!
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