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  1. I would like to see a long term test. How will the Buick hold up? How about dealer service? Warranty service? Whenever I had service at a GM dealer it was a pain. My GM cars from 1995 to 2004, 6 vehicles all, had multiple problems under warranty with crappy service at multiple dealers. My 04 ES had one problem with great service. I just don't trust GM. Did hear him say leather seats optional in the ES? Tim
  2. timj

    Hs250H Bra

    Check your Lexus dealer. I bought one for my 04 ES for $180. Toyota product, had the Lexus logo on the hood cover. Had it for about 2 years, still good shape. Have a small dent on the hood and front bumper full of tiny chips. Covered up all that good. Do a google search, might find something there also. Tim
  3. Thanks for the info. The moisture goes away after about 8-10 hours. Doesn't happen all the time. I'll give this a try. Thanks. Tim
  4. Keep it stock. Keep it running good and safe. Tim
  5. How hard is it to reseal the headlight on a 04 es? Only on on side. Never wrecked. Getting some moisture on the inside. Comes and goes. Thanks. Tim
  6. timj

    Aluminum Rims

    Does anyone know who makes the rims for Lexus? I see the same symbol on my 04 es rims that are on my 04 Impala. Looks like a M or a W. thanks Tim
  7. I'm on my second set. Got all replaced under warranty. This set is doing the same thing. Around the center of the rim. Not real bad, Mich. winters are bad, lots of salt. Spare never been on the road, like new, keeping the car for a long time, I'll have these reconditioned or buy a used set of rims. Like the look of the oem rim. 72000 miles. Had first set replaced around 55000 miles. Tim Tim
  8. Found a place in Troy Michigan called Detroit wheel and tire. They sell Lexus wheels for around $150. Tim
  9. I have a 04 ES and had my rims replaced before my warranty ran out, and these rims are having some problems, in the center of the rim. Car has 72000 miles, keep it clean. Found 4 shops in the Detroit area that repair aluminum rims for about half the price of new rims. My spare is the same as the other rims. Like new. Tim
  10. That's it, I'm buying a Smart car. Now that's safe. Throw in a couple of Suzuki GS 1100 bikes for the kids. I'll feel much safer. Motorcycles must have air bags and all that safety stuff right? Gota go to the store and buy a the latest copy of CR. Tim
  11. After reading and listing to all the crap about the GX 460, watching the video, the car did not roll over. I would like to see CR do some test on some of the mini monster trucks on the road. I had a lifted truck, about 4 inches, taller tires, I know that wasn't safe. I see much worse on the road, I worked on and lifted trucks, short box Chevys, 6 inch lifts, body lifts and 40 inch tires. If I had the money, I would buy a GX 460. This media crap is stupid. Tim
  12. I find it sad that a magazine finds out that a car may have a safety issue and not the NHTSA. Tim
  13. I like the new site. It will take a little time to get used to, thanks for doing a great job on this site, very helpful. Site comes up fast, I got dsl, att, 3.0 and works great. thanks again, and have a great day/night. Tim
  14. Why didn't the NHTSA do anything about?