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  1. I just bought a HS250H and have questions about Lexus navigation: 1. During navigation, how do I "stop" the navigation. I know how to pause and resume but can I stop or cancel the navigation? 2. How can I find "Resat Areas" in freeways? 3. How do I register an address at the Lexus site and have it on my Lexus navigation (eDestination...)
  2. Suggestions to Lexus, in addition to the above: 1. Watching a Youtube video, I learned that Lexus hs250-h has a lot plant-plastics. This should be a big plus point to tell the customers-I didn't hear about it! 2. Get rid of the big ugly mouse housing bulge-streamline it and provide a functional cupholder. 3. We need more storage space. Create a pouch on the back of the seat (is it not there because of required ventillation for seat heating/cooling?) 4. Please tint more! 5. Many employers require a hang tag for parking. These plastic tags do not hang easily in the mirror whatever you call it. Any imrpovement would be nice. 6. Is there a 15 second automatic light off option? 7
  3. Complaints: 1. Left hand rest at the driver's seat is too low for me! 2. Cupholders are hard to reach. There are many but useless. 3. The mouse control project too far in the front-wish it is retractable/foldeble. 4. Wish there are small bins for keeping pocket change/cell phone etc. 5. Wish there is a "bra" available 6. Sun viser is a little clumsy-a longer one would be better. 7. Xm radio etc could have been under an optional setting. I have no use for them. 8. An electronic trip odometer reset instead of the old fashioned reset. 9. A bottle ot touch up paint would have been nice. 10. It is difficult to see the homelink buttons in the night (when you arrive home to open the garage door)
  4. On a similar drive-columbus-Cincinnati, on the Eco mode, I got over 43! In fact, whie going to Cincinnati, the MPg averaged over 45.
  5. I scratched the front bumper of my less than 2 weeks old HS250h. I am quite sure that I will do it again in our parking structure. Does anyone know whether there is a "bra" available for HS250h available (or anything equivalent?) Just a faint scratch (not even a dent) seems would cost over $300! I am going to try fixing it myself.
  6. Well, it looks like very few people reply in this form. view/reply ratio is one of the highest I have seen in any forum. Why? 1. Lack of interest 2. Very few hs250 owners. 3. Don't have anything to contribute. 4. Not worth responding. 5. Other reasons.
  7. I just bought a charcoal grey Lexus EH250h and just love it. Three questions: 1. I finally figured out the remote start. When I remore start, and then turn off the engine, the car lurches perceptively an inch or two. Is this normal? 2. My garage door has a roaming coe. How does one synchronize with the garage door function on the car? 3. My iphone synchronizes well with the bluetooth function; however, my iPhone music doesn't come through. Why? My iPhone is an older version but the software is uptodate. I took it for a 250 mile high way trip. Got about 38 miles/gallon. The ride is extremely quiet and comfortable. Too late.. I should have bought the gizmo package. The car deserves it. P.S. I also have two Prius(es?) Thanks