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  1. Trade instead of selling because they are too lazy, or too rich? The difference is a few thousand bucks.As for the limited number of buyers in 2006, probably you are right. At my dealership - Lexus of Seattle (in Lynnwood) they were getting only 3 GS430 per month.
  2. Are you the original owner of this car? Maybe it has some secrets from her childhood days with abusive parents? I bought exactly the same model/year and had driven 33K miles with ZERO problems. In fact, I didn't open the hood of my car until 25K, and that was only because my friend needed a jump start of his car. :)
  3. Reading about your adventures was pretty entertaining, thank you.My experience was bland (compared to yours) but very satisfying. I drove 33K miles on the same tires my 2006 GS430 was equipped in Japan with: Turanza EL 42 245/40 R18. The only time I experience 'harsh ride' is when I ride on worn-out freeways like I-5 near Seattle or in the most of California. On smother highways the ride/handling is superb, the road noise barely noticeable, and the driver's seat is the most comfortable seat I ever sat in.
  4. Out of curiosity I searched for sale ads for a 2006 GS430, and found only 26 ads by private sellers. That's a very low number. How long do Lexus owners who bought their cars new keep them? 10 years? More?