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  1. What hoses are you talking about? Do you mean the drip channel? I have a copy of the 92 LS repair manual, but it doesn't say anything about a drain hose, so I don't know how much help it'd be. EDIT: Found it. See Step 8 in removal guide. Sliding_Roof.pdf
  2. Same site posted above also has a tutorial on power steering flushes:
  3. Here's where I got the idea. I don't think that it's loose. I think that maybe it just got jammed. Since I can hear the rattle (that is, the motor is trying to extend and retract the power antenna), I don't think that the motor is broken. However, to get to it, I need to get the antenna nut off.
  4. I'll take a look into that, but how would I get to it? The Lexus service manual only describes standard equipment installation and removal. Have you worked on Nakamichis before? Update: I think that this might be an issue with the power antenna, because the rattle happens only when the radio is turned on and comes from the toolbox area in the trunk, not the amplifier. Does this logic make sense, or am I taking a shot in the dark?
  5. The term for what you're describing is negative camber. Why your Lexus has negative camber on one wheel is beyond me. I'd take it to a decent mechanic and ask for them to align it. It shouldn't run you more than $50.
  6. What year is it? If it's a first-generation, I may have a TIS repair manual scan for it.
  7. That's what I was thinking, but I can still use the CD function. If that was the case, wouldn't the sound system just refuse to pick up the CD changer? I'll check that out.
  8. So over the past few days I've noticed that whenever I turn on my Nakamichi system, something in the trunk rattles and the signal gets choppy. The problem started one time when I had a heavy load in the trunk, but remained after the load was removed. After a couple seconds, it sounds smooth as silk, like it used to. I don't think that it's a debilitating problem, but is it something I should be concerned about now? 92 LS400 Air ride suspension Nakamichi Premium Sound System and CD Changer Does anyone have any thoughts on what it might be? Thanks.
  9. Have you considered just measuring the distance each side of the car is from the top of your tread? At least then you'll know which side is off. If you can, ask your suspension people if they know how high a car with air suspension is supposed to sit, too, so you have a point of reference. Ask them what sensor they're checking, too. Is it the ECR sensor is there some other sensor we don't know about? Please post back here when you get in contact with them.
  10. Given the car is upwards of fifteen years old, are you really surprised the seats aren't pristine? Like Jdavis says, you should take it to an auto shop and have them rebuild the seats-- don't mess with the chassis if you don't have to.
  11. Do you know what year the LS is? That might be kind of important. For starters, I suggest you check the voltage on the alternator with a voltmeter, if you have one, to see if it's using a lot of electricity. Some others have also reported that power steering leaks in the older models could drip fluid on to the alternator, thereby shorting it out. HTH.
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