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  1. My outer door handle is cracked, and I've been looking for a used replacement for my 99'. So far I've come across plenty for the 95'-97', but none for the 98'-00'. Visually they look the same, but I figure internally they may have revised a few small parts. Does anyone know if an earlier version could be retrofitted, or if the handle pull is interchangeable?
  2. If the light is on, and the button is non-responsive (putting in gear before idling for the 30 seconds)... I can light up the tires with ease. If I let the car idle long enough at start up prior to putting it in gear... with the VSC OFF I can light up the tires, but otherwise Traction Control functions fine.
  3. The VSC button has no affect until the VSC light cuts off while idling prior to going in gear. Therefore if I put the car in gear before the light turns off... the button doesn't do anything. If I let the car idle long enough for the VSC light to go off... the button works correctly.
  4. Id suggest pulling the OCV valves, and cleaning them with brake cleaner/tooth brush.
  5. Nope, once the light is on the button has no affect.
  6. I have a 99' LS400 that I love, but since purchase the "VSC Light" has come on with every start-up. I purchased the car with a deep discount knowing it had a VVT code that I fixed (Cleaned OCV's), and I assumed the VSC light was on due to the CEL. The VSC light goes off after I start the car, and wait 30 seconds before putting the car in gear. If I put the car into reverse/drive while the light is on... it'll stay on the remainder of the trip. The CEL stays off, and I cannot pull any codes. Is there a way to diagnose the what's tripping the VSC light, or is this a known issue?
  7. I've had my 94' LS400 for a few years, and I have a few minor annoyances. 1. The car creaks when I come to a stop, and the steering sometimes makes popping noises in parking lots. What suspension parts should I look at first? 2. My power steering is leaking into the intake manifold, and smokes like a freight train most mornings. Can I plug the vacuum line, and if I can... which vacuum line is it from the top? 3. The rear end has a thud when I shift from Drive to Reverse, or when going over speed bumps. Any places to start looking? 4. I'm missing the trim right in front of the drivers rear
  8. The other day I noticed a piece of trim broke off, and my best guess is that a piece of loose asphalt was thrown from the rear tire into it. My question is first off what is the correct term for this trim piece. Second off does anyone know where I could buy another? I know I can find one at a upullit junkyard, but Id rather order a replacement thats correct body color.
  9. I looked for a label without any success, but I did end up getting the A/C working correctly. I replaced the compressor, pulled a vacuum, used ~3.5 12oz cans of R-134, and a small can of UV dye to diagnose if I have any leaks.
  10. I plan to, but I'd like to buy roughly the right amount of refrigerant rather than have to return later on.
  11. I have experience working on other vehicles AC, and I know that I do not have a leak as it's the pressure has not dropped. I also have the tools to pull a vacuum before refilling, but I do not have an FSM or anything detailing the capacity of the AC system. I'm just looking for specific details related to this car.
  12. After reading a bit more today I read that the 21 was due to low light, and after rechecking this morning its gone. To replace the compressor Im asumming that I'll need to empty the R134, replace the compressor, pull a vacuum, and refill the R134... anything I'm missing? How much refridgerant, oil, etc... will I need to fill it back up?
  13. After reading your post I found the write up on, and checked my code... ended up with a beeping 21 and 23 code. I do not see code 23 as a possibility on the tutorial... anyone know what this means? I see that the code 21 reads "Open or short in solar sensor circuit", but I've pulled the codes multiple times, and that's only come up the once. What does that mean, and where would I find the solar sensor circuit?
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