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  1. Hey, I have a 97 SC 400 and had the same problem. Tried a few products and never got the results I wanted. Honesetly you should probably just replace them. You can find a decent price on a new or refurbished pair of headlights on e-bay. Got mine for $350 (pair) which to me was well worth it. Made my car look almost brand new. Hope this helps... J.Wills
  2. Im in need of a good mechanic. I have a few problems with my 97 SC 400. The car is still in great condition but due to its age and mileage (168,xxx) I need several things done to it before its road worthy again. I am looking for a good mechanic in the Bay Area Ca. If you know of any who wont charge me and arm and a leg let me know. Things I need done: 1. Driverside power window no longer work. Think i need new regulator 2. need to replace struts or ball joint or something like that on passenger side (Not sure exactly what the problem is but my wheel almost fell off one day) I guess I might as well replace both sides 3. High mileage tune up any other suggestions that you have that I should do while Im doing all of this please let me know. Thanks
  3. I was rolling down the driver side window of my 97 SC 400 when i heard a pop sound and now the window wont roll up or down anymore. Any ideas on what the problem is and how much it will cost to fix? Thanks, J. Wills
  4. Nice addition...I would have went with a double din myself but still always a nice touch to add tv monitors to the Lex
  5. if your new to this sight they wont let you post anything for sale until your new member status changes to regular member. I dont know how long this takes but I think it has to do with how many post you have done. You may just want to go with E-Bay for now...
  6. I have an SC 400 dont really like V-6's tha much but i would still chosse the SC 300 over the 3000GT...Just the overall styling and luxury of the lexus is way better to me and the horsepower probably isnt that different...Plus the quality of a Lexus is superior to most cars...Cant go wrong with a Lexus
  7. 125-130 MPH in my 97 SC 400 B) ....car still had plenty left and easily could have reached 150-160 Hwy 280 stretch from San Jose to San Mateo Ca. One of the best places in the Bay Area if you have a need for speed!
  8. Nice Paint Job! Just got mine painted recently too but just went with the factory black paint...I like the black on black look but yours looks great too...
  9. Listen to the people!!! You do not have a VW you have a LEXUS...Huge difference! This car will last you up to 300k with same engine and same tranny. You will be doing yourself a big diservie if you replace anything before you actually have a problem which you probably wont. Dont out think yourself or let some mechanics who work on VW's steer you wrong...Read some of the testimonials on this car and you will know they never die... I have a 1997 SC 400 with 170k and have never had a problem with the engine or tranny of any kind. Most reliable car i have ever owned period!
  10. You may want to either try cleaning the front lenses or replace the whole thing...SC 400 are notorious for getting cloudy/foggy headlights and can affect the lighting coming from your headlights. I recently replaced mine and not only is the lighting better it looks way better too... You can also try getting some brighter bulbs or halogens...cost a lot more but the ice blue lights look great! you can probably find a nice set up for around $250-350 Cost: $250 per headlight brand new (E-Bay) see pics...
  11. I have a 1997 SC 400 and recently have been hearing a popping or grinding noise coming from my right front wheel well when im driving or making right hand turns. It has been progressively worse over the last few weeks but only does it usally when im making a right turn and a few seconds after. I took it and the the mechanic could not find anything wrong. They did an alingment and advised the alingment was eating my front two tires but still did not fix the problem. A couple of people have advised it may be bad CV joints or Rack and Pinion but im not sure. Anybody else have a similar problem? What was the actually problem with the car? How much to repair? Car still runs great and doesnt affect me driving it just very annoying and sounds like my wheel is going to fall off or something.... Please help!
  12. Dont know if you have already got your rims but here is a pic of my 97 SC 400 with some 18 inch ADR rims...They fit perfectly but im going to be upgrading to some chrome 20inch offsets pretty soon... Hope this helps
  13. Keep it! and ride it to the wheels fall off...LOL How much could you possibly expect to get for it anyway with all that mileage???
  14. I have a 1997 SC 400 and honesetly it all comes down to how you choose to treat your car. Using 91 gas is like eating healthy for yourself even though it is a little bit more expensive vs. 87 gas is like eating junk food all the time. You probably wont notice any difference (besides in acceleration a little) but over time could cause you some problems. Always go with what the recommended octane is. Could save you some repair cost in the future but just my opionion. P.S. I hate paying for 91 too but hopefully it will even out with less repairs in the future. Tried to go cheap before and had to get my entire fuel injection syystem cleaned out and repaired in another car i used to own
  15. those are for the entire United States??? I ride a 1997 SC 400...