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  1. Hey bud, yah - I'd be willing to sell of stuff... Drop me a line at ... but remember I'm in Niagara falls Canada - bit of a drive for you for the parts - but they are good. ... later
  2. I looked and looked but couldn't find any info how to remove the leather boot around the parking brake lever - ANY TIPS ?? thanks
  3. Hi, I have and OEM spare tire for a 1992 Lexus SC400. The condition of it is perfect and it has never been used. Let me be clear, this tire is absolutely in its original condition. The rubber has never been on pavement, and you'll see the rim has never had bolts torqued up on it. (see attached pics) I got lucky, over the 12 years I had the car didn't get any flats! :D There is a round red sticker on one side and a green one on the other side. The blue and red lines around the perimeter of the tire are also present. There are various white lines in various places which I believe are quality checks done during the manufacture of the tire at the time Lexus was trying to enter the luxury auto market. The appearance of this tire still shows it today! I don't recommend purchasing this tire as a simple spare :chairshot: I recommend this for someone who has restored an SC400 and wants a spare tire worthly of the condition of the car. Email me at if you are interested. I will be putting it on ebay but thought to check with friends here who have been great over the years I've had this car. Applejack
  4. What colour - Don't tell me GREEN .... If black on tan - then ... shrug - maybe 7500 - 8500.
  5. WELL, I DID - I BOUGHT THE 96 SC400 with 170,000 miles - and negotiated the dealer to replace WP + timing belt and total cost was $5995 ... Hope this is a decent deal .... Just worried about the starter motor (fun to dig way back under the firewall to get to it - probably due anytime) Thanks for the feedback and I hope this one lasts the same 300,000 miles like my '92 did !!
  6. Yup - this would be a daily driving car. And actually, correction the 92 is really a 93 and it has only 60000 miles, plus only has 1 owner... AND my old SC is a 1992 so that would be handy ... is there that much of a preference for the 96 here ??
  7. I have the opportunity to buy 1 of 2 SC400s which are for sale.... and I'd appreciate your recommendation. 1992 with 70,000 miles - asking $10,000 (in very good condition, no parts/timing belt changed, only A/C conversion done) OR 1996 with 170,000 miles - asking $5,500 (in very good condition, new alternator, battery, probably needs timing belt soon) Please give me your input on which you believe will have less problems for the next 3-4 years ??? The 92 or 96 ??? Thanks
  8. My 92 has finally reach the end of its life. Some suspension problems, instrumentation cluster lighting, climate control display issues, antenna going, rust starting, leather ripping, and finally the timing belt went... I'm holding back the tears (kidding!) Now, I'm looking to buya 95 SC400 with 220,000km - Is this virtually the same car/engine? If so, I may keep my old one for the spare parts - you know... alternator, power steering pump, radiator, mass flow, headlight,setc etc .... Let me know if the cars are similar enough and if its worth keeping the old one for spare stuff.... Thanks
  9. Hi all, typical debate to sell or keep. Here are my stats on my car and I thought I'd get your thoughts. 1. 1992 - SC400 - 420,000 km 2. Between 300,000 - 400,000 km: rebuilt alternator + power steering pump + starter motor, new radiator. 3. Lots of rubber on hand - have full set of fresh winter tires, and another pair of new michelins... 4. Slight lag on transmission when placing into drive or reverse before it engages 5. AC has leak - after a charge it only lasts a month or so 6. Rust starting on rear right fender - very little 7. Instrument cluster needles not illuminating along with climate control display zonked out ... Engine runs great, and I've always done highway miles. Babied it with synthetic every 5,000 km and seems to burn 1 quart every 5,000km. Oiled the underbody for the last 5 years for which it has only seen winters (marriage!) ... Sell ? or drive her into the ground ? Whats going to go next - tranny? timing belt?, injectors?, wheel bearings??? I can't imagine getting 500,000 km on a car - but I love it..... Thoughts? thanks
  10. Ok, here is what has played out for me. I had the condenser seal replaced and the area cleaned up. I lucked out and acquired 1 full can of r12 with the dye and the lubricant in it. The only problem is that I did not shake the can before use and I probably only got a little bit of the oil and dye into the system. This may be a good thing since the can indicated it had enough oil to charge the full system and if filling an empty system that all subsequent cans should be only r12. It's been 3 or 4 days - and so far so good ....
  11. Interesting. Well, I did add 1 full can (14 oz) of refrigerant and the hissing is gone and the cold air is back. Now I'm just waiting to see how long it lasts. 1 week and still holding. I was advised the dark dusty area around my condenser connection might be due to a slowly leaking oring. Is anyone familiar with changing the oring seal in the area. Its in bottom right area in front of the radiator. If it's not a big deal I may do it myself or pay $50 to have it done. thanks
  12. I'm in need of a few 1lb cans of R12. Anyone have any recommendations on where to get. Note: I'm in Toronto and prefer not to bring it over from the US since I'm not sure if it would be ok to do that. thanks
  13. Well, I've changed the serpentine belt and no change. * Compressor still comes on. * No error codes shown One big thing I notice and forgot to mention. When I activate the AC button, there is a soft hissing sound from the center ducts. It only lasts for about 5 seconds before fading away. I'm not sure what this could be? Any ideas? please help - summer is here and I am frying... thanks
  14. Hi, just thought I would throw this out there... I'm having the ongoing need to keep adding brake fluid once a month or so... I don't think this is normal for brake pad wear - and I don't see signs of leaking .... Any thoughts where leaks typically happen ?? thanks
  15. Advanced apologies if I missed an existing post - but I search for hours and could not find anything. My 92SC400 usually blows ice cold air. I've kept it in good use activating the AC every week for a short while even in the winter. Now, when at IDLE and A/C compressor off - the engine sounds normal. When I engage the compressor, there is a sqeak or low tone whine from the area. I've loosened the tensioner and spun the compressor pulley/bearing and it's ok as expected. I've also turned the compressor and am not sure how hard it should be. I can turn it with one hand but only about 90 degrees max since there is some stiffness to it. If feels a little spongy like it's compressing something and I hope this is a sign all is ok with the compressor. I've replaced the idler and tensioner pulleys a few years ago and the sound is not coming from them. Is it possible the added resistance is enough to make the belt noisy somewhere else. The belt looks ok - but probably has 100, 000 km (60,000miles) on it. Any thoughts or ideas how to trouble shoot this further? The concerning thing is that it used blow very cold air - but now takes some time to get to just a comfortable temperature.... thank you,