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  1. I have not seen this posted here so I'm going to try. Like many, my odometer quit around 160k. Taking it apart I found the spindle gear cracked and in pieces, but the drive gear on the motor was fine. I replaced the spindle gear with a 10 tooth nylon gear I bought off ebay for less than ten dollars and it's still working after a 100 miles. It's important to use a 10 tooth gear, as my first attempt was a 12 tooth gear and that did not work. The hardest part was getting the dash out. Those electrical connectors are tough. If you attempt it be sure to disconnect the battery before starting
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  2. My 2000 and I have been together now for 6 years. In that time she has only cost me several Oil Changes, a set of tires, two O2 Sensors, a set of wiper blades and numerous gallons of gas. I did "splash out" on a full fluids change (Transmission, Coolant and Oil again) last year as a 5 year treat 🙂 I have now increased her mileage from 69K (2013) to 95K (2021) and probably would have hit 6 figs last year had it not been for COVID lockdown. At 21 years old, I'm looking at major suspension maintenance later this year and may change the Timing Belt/Water Pump/Pulleys etc. purely because
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  3. Years ago I developed a habit of using my t-shirt to wipe off lenses. If they got dirty, spit was my lens cleaner fluid. Ah, but back then eyeglasses had……glass lenses. So no issues with scratching. I work construction so dust is the norm. Well one year I bought these new fangled hard coat plastic lenses. Tranistion, polarized, the works. $500. The lady gave me a nice micro fiber cloth and said to always use that. On day 1 a machine went by me blowing dust everywhere and using the old t-shirt method taught me a hard lesson. On the drive home after dark those lenses had a million-billion
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  4. While I used to wear contact lenses, I don't anymore due to inability of my eyes to self-focus. So my eye protection from bright light is now through transition lenses and prescription sunglasses which are darker. Many years ago when I was wearing sunglasses with my contact lenses, a friend and I were riding our motorcycles on the highway and here and there, throughout the day and into the evening. As we were heading home I was pulled over by a highway officer who had to ask, "Why on earth are you wearing sunglasses at night?" I relied, "Well, I don't have a helmet so if I didn't wear t
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