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I just purchased a 2022 NX450+ PHEV. Called dealerships from San Francisco to San Diego, found two that only had a $4,000 mark up.  So I put money down to hold a car that was in transit at both places.  Both dealerships said that I could choose accessories for the $4K markup.  Awesome.  One of the cars arrived sooner than the other, so I began negotiating that deal.  I sent of list of desired accessories totaling about $3200, they approved $2,500 worth. In writing, the salesperson lists everything they are including in the $4K markup. Go to the dealership to purchase the car, and they tell me they will take $500 more off their $4k, if I trade my 2021 250UXh in. (So we are back to $3,000 of the $4K - fair). I am told that every thing but crossbars and accessory mount were installed earlier that day.  Great 🙂  Now we go to finance.  I have to pull out the email with the list and they forgot the pet divider - cool its added to the due bill. (pet divider, crossbars and activity mount). It is almost 1:00am when I leave finance, eyes crossed, and with an additional $10K of warranties and what will amount to a huge monthly payment.   Next day, I start checking out the car in the daylight and it's missing mud guards, puddle lights, emergency kit, side moldings and wheel locks.  I triple check.  Then forward the email from the dealer that says what I'm getting. Take pictures of the accessories on the website, then of my car to show what is and isn't there.  Response: you can come in and we'll give you a discount on those items, we are only including what is on the due bill as a courtesy. 

Do I push for those items? Does anyone know if they have to honor what they said in an email or?  And do I need $10K in warranties on a car with 6 miles?

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If you were buying an Alfa Romeo Stelvio, then yes, you would need the warranty. Lexus is rated the most reliable auto company among 27 others by Consumer Reports, so definitely get rid of those charges.
I would think that the email is proof but it's always best to get any deals in writing such that there are signatures.

You can always go to small claims court if you have to.

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