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Rear Camera Detection Function - Not functioning

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Hi Lexus owners,

I recently had to change my battery and Pep Boys completed the work but the red lights for the RCD (Rear Camera Detection) are blinking. Reading the manual, turning the wheel left, then right on level ground did not work. The Lexus dealership wants $250 to "reset" the system. Has anyone had this problem and can you share how you fixed it? I have a 2018 Lexus 500H.


Thank you,


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 I believe a full lock to lock turn of the steering wheel on a completely level surface with a clean lens is required to calibrate the RCD.

Also, some owners of Camrys with this feature find that if they shift into reverse too soon after starting the car, before the self-checks are finished, the RCD message appears.

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I had the same problem on my 2019 Lexus LS 500. When battery was weak and I had to jump start it the RCD (Rear Camera Detection) light started flashing red. After reading this forum I turned the wheel all the way to the left and then all the way to the right and RCD light was cleared and the yellow lines appeared when I put the car in reverse. I don't understand why no such information is available in the owners manual and they keep referring you to the "Authorized Lexus Dealer". The dealerships are busy and will give you an appointment weeks in advance and want to charge $250 for some simple reset procedure like I described above.  It is is NOT good customer service when they leave such information out of owners manual. 

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