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Run Flat Tires

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I had heard that run flat tires do not handle road imperfections as well as regular tires.  I have a new 2022 UX 250H and I can attest that what I heard is correct.

Has anyone changed to normal tires for a smoother ride?

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When my OEM run-flat tires wore out on my 2001 Corvette, I switched over to non-run-flat tires. The ride was smoother but steering response was not as sharp. To me it doesn't make sense to swap out new tires but when it's time to replace them, non-runflats tend to be less costly.

I did add a small compressor, flat repair kit, pliers, and a mat, just in case a flat tire occurred. Some people keep a can of tire sealant in their trunk, also.

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Thanks for the feedback, I'll keep that in mind.  I wonder why the steering response would be different unless the tire size was different, or the tire pressure or the compound (Formula 1 has 3 different compounds) or a combination of the three?

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The sidewalls of runflat tires have to be much stiffer to allow the tires to be able to have zero air pressure and continue to rotate without safety issues. That extra stiffness is what "sharpens" the steering response.

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