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We traded in our 2015 RX350 for a new 2021 RX350. The 2015 had 18" wheels and tires and the 2021 has 20". I have a winter set of OEM Lexus 18" wheels with almost new winter tires and the TPMS sensors that are the exact same wheels as my Lexus came with in 2015. Will these fit the new 2021? I prefer to keep the nice wheels nice and always have a winter set with snow tires in this rust belt sand, salt and crappy roads.

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Make sure the bolt patters are the same. Then you can jack up the RX and measure the circumference of the 20" tire with a tape measure.

If the circumference of the 18" tire is the same, you are OK.  Take your 2021 RX up to 50 MPH. Note the speed recorded by the GPS.

Then do that when you put on the 18" tires. the GPS should read the same speed at 50 MPH as with the 20" tire test.

Proof again that the tire circumference is the same.

The GPS will say like 48.5 or 49 whereas the RX shows 50.  Most vehicles seem to be off like that.

My manual does not say what the circumference is, but if you go to TireRack and try to buy that tire, they will give you the circumference or tell you how many revolutions per mile the tire rolls. Any tire you select to replace it will have the same RPM number or you don't want it.

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That's probably not necessary Lex. Our 2021 came standard with 18" wheels and tires but with the fancy upgrades we ended up buying it has the 20" fancier wheels.

My 4Runner Limited also came with 20" wheels but the winter set I bought are 17" and I just had to make sure the smaller wheels cleared the brakes. If I stand the 17s along side of the 20s they are the same height and circumference which I think is all in the tire sidewalls.

My question goes more to if they changed anything like bolt patterns or larger disc brakes from 2015 to 2021 models.

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