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New strut recommendations for a 2002 GS300

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After 2 weeks with no responses in the GS section, I'm going to try this here:

My 2002 GS300 has 80K miles and the struts are getting a little weak. This is a street car, I do not plan on autocrossing it, nor do I consider it a sports car. But I would like a bit more damping than stock, just enough to take the float out of the ride.

New OEM? KYB? Bilstein?



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I had KYBs as replacement shocks for electronically controlled factory shocks on my 89 Mazda MX6 GT. The OEM shocks were $1200 + installation. The KYBs were far less. The ride with the KYBs was good - more on the plush side. I really like Koni shocks but they may not be available for your car. It may be worth a look though. Bistein has been around for a long time. Expect a bit firmer ride than OEM with better handling. 

Of course each shock manufacturer makes more than one variety. You may consider calling a factory representative to discuss what you are looking for vs what they have.

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