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Nav screen only display information but nothing there?

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Picked up a 2002 sc430.  turn car on.. cover opens on the nav screen.  i see the lexus logo and then nothing.  only button that works is the information. I see the word information and nothing else.  DVD is in the player in the trunk.  There is an aftermarket radio installed.  wonder if they did something to mess it up?  Any thoughts why no info shows or no nav?  thanks

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I'll answer since no one else has.  It's impossible to tell what, if anything, a previous owner did to disable the navigation screen.  Maybe the DVD drive failed.  Regardless, it wouldn't be of much value since the last map update was in 2013.

I wonder if a portable navigation device could be adapted to fit in the space occupied by the OEM screen. 

If I was going to try to do something like that, I would see if a Garmin Zumo XT 5.5" unit could be adapted to fit.   The Zumo is designed for motorcyclists and might be more suitable for use in a convertible than other portable navigation products.  The Zumo can be linked to a motorcyclists headset which makes me wonder if it could also be linked to a portable Bluetooth speaker for use in your SC so that you could better hear its turn-by-turn instructions.  I've hardwired portable Garmin devices into older vehicles (2000 Lexus LS400 and 1998 Toyota Camry) and mounted them on brackets I created using a combination of off-the-shelf components and components I fabricated.  Mounting a Zumo would likely require a custom mount and bezel although using the motorcycle mount that comes with the Zumo as a starting point has advantages. 

BTW, the Zumo also has a handsfree phone feature.  Another cool feature of the Zumo is that it can get map updates by directly connecting to a WiFi network instead of having to connect it to a Windows PC.

Respond here or PM me if you want to discuss this further.  


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