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I'm interested in playing my music in my 2017 RX-350. It currently exists on a 4TB hard disk with a USB interface. I can't get any kind of navigation screen in order to select a music cut when I plug it into the USB port in the car.Do I need an MP3 player to make this work? If so what is a good one that will take my 4TB of music and allow for music cut selection through the Lexus user interface?


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Your owners or navigation manual lists devices that are compatible with the USB port and describes the folder/file formats allowed.  4TB of music is likely going to far exceed the capacity of the in-dash system to build lists from which you can select albums and tracks.  It might take hours if it can be done at all and it would have to be done every time you fire up your RX audio system.  If you divide up your music on USB flash memory and use permitted folder/file formats, you will be able to select albums and tracks from the in-dash screen.

I have my music on several USB sticks but rarely use them anymore since I have a lot of the same music on my cell phone which has 1 TB of storage.  But I don't play music from my phone much anymore unless I'm in a rural area without cell phone service and then I'm likely to listen to satellite radio.  I  use several Internet music streaming services - mainly YouTube Music where I have a number of playlists. 


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