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2003 SC430 69,000 miles.

I was stopped at a traffic light and rear ended by a Jeep Cherokee going 35-45mph. The damage to the back end is pretty extensive. My trusted auto body shop says at first look the damage is $7000-8000, it may need to be totaled. I'm not sure what to hope for, repair or "totaled." I'm concerned that the mechanics to the roof in particular will never be the same. I'm awaiting to hear if there is frame damage. I love this car, but don't want to be haunted by mechanical problems forevermore. Comments are welcome.

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It is often more likely that front damage results in a total loss that includes little chance of even rebuilding the vehicle with a salvage title. Rear-damaged vehicles can often be purchased from the insurance company (after being "totaled") and repaired with salvage title, but the vehicle's value will be only 50-60% of a "clean title" vehicle. 

 I understand that you may feel very attached to the SC, especially if you owned it for many years but the reality is that with the money you receive from the offender's insurance company, you may be able to find a non-salvaged SC430 that will always be worth more than a salvaged one. 

Maybe it's time to get that LC500. 🙂

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