Doug Deane

Replacing LC 500 Tires

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I live in a rural area and I just had my first problem with the LC 500 run flats.  That is to say, I picked up a nail which the tire pressure sensor alerted me to, and gave my Lexus dealer a call.  The tires cannot be patched from the inside, they MUST BE REPLACED.  So, this nail is going to cost me $500.  The wheels are 21" and in combination with the run-flat tires, the LC 500 feels like it's in way over its head on anything but a perfectly straight road.  I really like my car, and I know that it's never going to be a Lotus, but replacing the tires seems like a reasonable way to reduce rotating weight, and increase handling and road feedback.  Has anybody out there with an LC 500 replaced their run-flats with Pilot Sports?

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