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I live in a rural area and I just had my first problem with the LC 500 run flats.  That is to say, I picked up a nail which the tire pressure sensor alerted me to, and gave my Lexus dealer a call.  The tires cannot be patched from the inside, they MUST BE REPLACED.  So, this nail is going to cost me $500.  The wheels are 21" and in combination with the run-flat tires, the LC 500 feels like it's in way over its head on anything but a perfectly straight road.  I really like my car, and I know that it's never going to be a Lotus, but replacing the tires seems like a reasonable way to reduce rotating weight, and increase handling and road feedback.  Has anybody out there with an LC 500 replaced their run-flats with Pilot Sports?

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I ran into this scenario when it was time to replace the runflats on my 2001 Corvette, back in 2004. The transformation to non-runflat tires was amazing as far as ride quality and handling. The only downside was a slower steering response which would be expected when the sidewalls are not as stiff. I bought a modified Mercedes aluminum scissors jack, a 12V compressor, tire plug kit, and a pair of pliers. In the next 10 years and 37,000 miles, I never had to use the "emergency kit".

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Thanks for your reply, Dave!  I was hoping for better handling, better acceleration because the tires are lighter, and easier repairs.  Sounds like that's what I'll get.  I'll skip the tire repair equipment and spend it on AAA towing service, instead.  I appreciate your feedback.  Best,  Doug

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You're welcome, Doug. Lighter tires can be only a good thing. By the way, I've rented a bunch of fun cars (Turo) over the last year and a half:
2019 McLaren 570S Spyder
2015 BMW i8
2017 Jaguar F-Sport S Convertible
2014 Corvette coupe Z51
2020 Porshe 911 4S Cabriolet

But the only LCs I've seen are in the Los Angeles area (from where the McLaren was picked up). It is on my list but I am tempted to buy and rent one out through Turo in the San Diego area since no one else is doing this.I'll have to look more closely at the numbers, however.
I have heard that one of the Turo renters in this area will have a Lambo Huracan, soon. That is on my list, also.


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Thanks for your message, Turo has interested me for a while.  The thing about an LC that isn't obvious is that it's NOT a sports car, though it looks like one.  It, more or less, looks like a Japanese Corvette, but the performance isn't in the same ballpark because of its weight.  My LC weighs 400 pounds more than a stock Mustang(!).  I dearly miss the handling of my Evora 410, but I'm not Mr. Racerboy anymore, and I find that the LC is a perfect compromise (for me) between performance and luxury.  The LC will play well in the 55+ crowd who still want to spice their lives up a bit.  But all that said, I'm still looking for ways of upping the ante a little bit, so I'll get those run flats changed out and I'll have my local speed shop dyno tune it for me.  If I can knock a couple of tenths off its 0-60 time, and improve road feedback through the front suspension, I'll be a happy boy.

Thanks again for your message!


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