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I have never seen a similar post. Unfortunately, you may need to take it in for repair. My guess is that most independent repair shops have never had to fix something like this but if you do call any, you may want to ask that very question. I'd also call the dealership service advisor to inquire.

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    • By stanls400
      [my subject title was cut short = Electrical burn smell inside '96 LS400 after turning the car over (attempting to start the car) ]
      When I arrived home one evening - my '96 LS400...
      I was driving around all day taken care of errands (mix of <5mi, or >30mi). I guess I can be thankful that I made it home vs. this happening somewhere else. When I turn the key to ACC, the steering wheel auto moved (as usual), the dash / everything lights up. But the moment I turned it "on", everything shut off - no headlights, no dash, no interior lights, etc. When I stepped out of the car, I had to manually lock the door.
      After about 20 min, I tried the remote unlock and it worked, When I opened the door, the interior light came on. When it turned the key to ACC everything lite up. When I turned the key 'on', poof everything shut off again. I tried the 20min wait again, but nothing this time.
      When I first sat in the car, I could smell a hint of an electrical short / burning smell. Maybe a wire attached to the ignition key is shorted out. Or the motor for the steering wheel burned up. I did not have a chance to look at the fuses (this evening).
      Any thoughts re: the burning smell? Or any other suggestions?
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