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In the middle of a 3 month repeated dead battery saga with this car. We have owned a 2010, a 2014, a 2017, and now a 2019, the first three never had an issue. According to Sewell Lexus because of the many safety features and the notification method of same they do not recommend parking this vehicle in say an airport parking lot for more than a few days because other cars electronics can “wake up” the car and cause battery drain. At home it must either be on a tender or driven at speed and for duration at least twice per week or the battery will die. None of this is warrantable or apparently repairable as it is “environmental”. A case was opened with Lexus corporate and the concur. Dealer actually suggested using Uber to go to the airport! 

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I tested the 18 RX when I got it to see how much time it took to charge the battery after 2 days in the garage and a short trip, and came to the conclusion that the charging system is a bit on the stingy side. Like it ain’t fully charged when I get it back in the hanger.  But that’s with short trips, so to be fair: I would not go more three days without driving it or put in at least 5 miles city or 10 miles highway each time you drive.

The airport thing sounds silly, but I’ve actually heard more laughable explanations that turned out to be true, like I can’t have 2 different security system near each other because it causes one of them to crash, and when I take their advise, the problem went away, hahaha...  Minders are a real pain and I have one but geeez...  Gas is cheap, so get out there and enjoy your transport and go with the flow.

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