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door lock function

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2002 LS430--Door lock function mysteriously changed. When locking or unlocking car with fob, exterior lights don't flash and there's no beep. No clue what changed. Also, when in park and exiting the car, the driver's door handle unlocks the driver's door--all other doors remain locked. I would like all doors unlocked automatically. My other car (Mazda) unlocks all doors, so when I jump out and go to open the rear door, no problem. In the LS430, I hop out and reach for the rear door handle, but it's locked. Waaah. My life is too complicated and hard to have to remember to unlock the rear door before getting out. Ideas?

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It's as if some of the personalized settings have become lost.  Normally these settings on the LS430 can be modified using hardware/software connected to the diagnostic port under the dashboard.  You could have a Lexus dealership try to set them the way you want but they might not "stick" due to what sounds like some sort of electrical problem in the vehicle ECU where the settings are stored.

The driver's door seems to be working as designed.  I don't think there is a way to make all the doors unlock when the inside driver door handle is pulled.  There is a setting that causes all the doors to unlock after shifting into Park.  

The following ancient thread has a list of settings that can be customized:  



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