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High RPM's after Throttle Body Clean


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Hey all,

Cleaned my TB to clear a code 41 and fix a starting issue. Now the car idles at 1200-1300 in park when it reaches operating temp, and I only get half the miles per gallon from before the TB cleaning. I didn't change TPS or get any cleaner in it. All hoses are hooked up as they were, as well as cables, and I've reset my ECU... totally stumped...help!

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There was a code 71, which is EGR, and code 41. After cleaning TB Im happy to say I cleared my first CEL code 41. But now idles much higher at operational temp than before when I pulled codes 71, 41. Its not uncommon for code 41 to appear in relation to dirty TB. Now mine wasnt THAT dirty, but still, enough to give code 41. And I'm pretty sure I didn't damage the throttle plate because I was very gentle and used the softest metal toothbrush's to scrub the inside. No scratches or anything. If your saying I damaged the spring loaded part I guess thats possible, but I didn't do anything crazy. Is it possible a cracked hose is letting more air in and causing a higher idle? Is it possible my IAC valve is stuck because of the TB cleaning and I need to clean it as well...again?

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