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Does anyone know how to obtain and install the newest Map update for a 2011 HS250h


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So, does anyone know:

1.) How to update the NAVI map updates on an HS250h?

2.) I understand the last update for HS250h's is a 2018 map update, which I am extremely surprised and disappointed to hear, and will remember this the next time I choose my luxury vehicle. Even so, does anyone know how I can get that map update?

3.) Also, how are the map updates installed?

Thank you!

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According to the "Lexus Navigation Map Update Quick Reference Guide", the generation 6 hard drive based navigation system in the 2010-2012 Lexus HS250h is updated by a Lexus dealership technician using a master DVD and the "NUT" (navigation update tool) through the USB port.  It's not something you can do yourself.  The updates are available only at Lexus dealers.

I'm surprised that map updates have been discontinued.  The pattern has been that map updates have been discontinued 9 years after the last model year in which a navigation type was installed.  That would be 2013 for the Lexus GX.  Based on the pattern, I would expect that 2022 would be the last year that updates for your HS would be available.

Who told you that map updates have been discontinued?  I suggest you call Lexus corporate customer service and ask if navigation updates for your HS are available but without telling them that someone had previously told you that they have been discontinued.

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