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Sunroof wind noise


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Hello All,

Been a while since I posted.  We sold the RX450h and moved to Florida.  

We bought a 2016 RX350 with 35000 miles and didn't notice any wind noise from the sunroof on the test drive because we didn't drive it with the sunroof shade open.  

We have owned all the previous generations with sunroofs and have never had this kind of noise? Anyone else have this issue?

I plan on taking it to the dealership to investigate, but thought I better do some research to make sure this isn't a known issue with the new body style? 

Thanks for all the help........Dave

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Thanks Taffy13

I took off the roof rack and the noise is still there.  According to the Lexus Dealership service tech the noise is a normal noise? I have had every generation of RX and a GX and never have had this noise.  Hard to believe Lexus would be alright with wind noise, but he said its normal.  I will eventually drive another RX and see if that one makes the same noise.  

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What came about from this issue?  I test drove a used one and noticed it.  When I tilted the roof up about two to three notches using the tilt switch the air noise went away.  However, the glass roof is visibly not flush on the roof now which concerns me about leaving it that way and water could get in.

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