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  1. Thanks Taffy13 I took off the roof rack and the noise is still there. According to the Lexus Dealership service tech the noise is a normal noise? I have had every generation of RX and a GX and never have had this noise. Hard to believe Lexus would be alright with wind noise, but he said its normal. I will eventually drive another RX and see if that one makes the same noise.
  2. Hello All, Been a while since I posted. We sold the RX450h and moved to Florida. We bought a 2016 RX350 with 35000 miles and didn't notice any wind noise from the sunroof on the test drive because we didn't drive it with the sunroof shade open. We have owned all the previous generations with sunroofs and have never had this kind of noise? Anyone else have this issue? I plan on taking it to the dealership to investigate, but thought I better do some research to make sure this isn't a known issue with the new body style? Thanks for all the help........Dave
  3. Thanks Maseace! The Navigation screen improvement alone is worth looking at the newer model.
  4. So, I guess it doesn't matter if we go with the newer model. Is there any other advantage to looking for a 2007 or 2008? It doesn't appear that there is any upgrades in the interior and only some badging on the exterior. Any opinions? Thanks for everyones responses...........Dave
  5. Thanks guys for the help, I don't see the TSB in the sticky post for TSB's. Anyone know where I can find it? Lexus is offering to help replace the evaporator, but they won't pay for the entire repair. We love the 400h and would like to stay with it, but don't want the white dust issue again. Thanks again.............Dave
  6. Really? Nobody knows this? I can't believe no one else has had the white dust issue? Please help!
  7. Does anybody know when Lexus changed the design of the Evaporator Assembly? We have a 2006 that is blowing the white dust. We are looking at selling the 2006 for a newer model and want to make sure we don't get one with the same issue. Thanks in advance for your help. Dave
  8. Is this the most recent discussion on the white dust issue? Our 2006 400h has had this problem since we bought it used with 85000 miles in 2010. Now we have 126xxx. We had it in the dealership today to have it checked out and they said it is indeed the evaporator problem, but they won't cover the replacement. They gave us an estimate of $2311.80 to replace it. We certainly aren't interested in investing $2300.00 to fix a problem that is obviously a common problem. Any one else had luck getting Lexus to pony up to the repair? Any help would be greatly appreciated...........Dave
  9. Hello, Flint,

    I too have a magnetic red C5 (MN6) and typically drive it three days per week. I used to live in CT many years ago and had a 68 C3 that was put to sleep every Winter. I drove it out to CA and eventually sold it to buy my 01 as the first new car I ever bought. It now has just over 44,000 miles on it. Check out and click on the "Corvette Corner...

  10. I saw in your profile you have a Corvette and an RX400H. I have an '06 RX400H - I'm sure you can guess it's Flint Mica. I also have a 2001 Corvette - it's Magnetic Red and also a 6 speed. Just wanted to say hello to a fellow Corvette and Lexus person. I'm sure you get to drive the Corvette more than I do. I put mine away for the winter in Nov/Dec and bring it out in Apr...

  11. I ordered one off fleabay and it worked fine. I ordered 2 and have to have the dealership program them both since i didn't have a master key. Good luck, Dave
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