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O2 sensor ?

Lxs &Toy ota

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Hi Community, 


I own a LS430 2001. For a couple days now I do have rough idle and the VSC / Engine Warning light. After my initial analysis I found a bad ignition coil Connection. After that was fixed the car ran fine for 3000 miles. Now the same Problem came up - Rough idle and lack of power in low rpm (in kick-down it seems to be okay) . The obd2 says ist P0401. I already swapped the spark plugs and the forward O2 sensors.  But it still is Rough idling.

I 'd appreciate any suggestions before changing anymore things? I wanted to swap the rear O2 sensors already, but due to the availability of these I my question is if they are the same than the front ones or is there a difference besides the connector ? Is there a way to check them?


thanks for your help

greets from Europe 

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