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Rx400h gone crazy, several error message

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Rx400h 98k km suddenly gone crazy ,running electric with no power steering wheel, showing messages CECK AWD SYS- VSC several errors code 42-45-62   -CHECK HYBRID SYSTEM.

Detach battery all errors gone, car running perfectly, std-by battery voltage ok  12,5 V . Went to Toyota dealer and get the answer "without errors code no way to start looking at the problem".

Then after 3 short trips agin same story. This time I went to Toyota dealer with the error messages shown, they found 7 interuptions on computers data, they clean from oxidation 7 junctions of negative 12v power to car body finding one bolt holding one mass cabe to body car week and tight again in a different place. Result: 3 hr of labor payd an now car running perfectly .

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Thanks for reporting this. It may help others, should the same symptoms occur. When I read your post I was certain that the codes were somehow related to the starter battery.


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