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Pebble Beach floor matts

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Have you checked with a Lexus dealership to see if they can still be ordered?  Floor mats for "special editions" like the Pebble Beach, Platinum Series, Coach Edition, etc. are usually not made in high numbers since these vehicle variations are marketed only in the final model year of a vehicle generation to pump up sales.  Once the special mats are gone from inventory, they're gone.  If you can't find the Pebble Beach mats you might want to get the regular mats if they are still available.  I was in this situation with my 2000 LS400 Platinum Series in the mid-2000's.  The black Platinum Series mats like the originals I had were gone first and then before I knew it, the Platinum Series mats in the remaining colors were gone too.

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Yes,  I checked with the dealership and no luck. I did see a post from someone dated a few years back saying they had some. I emailed inquiring if they were still available by chance and haven't heard a reply. 

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