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Really bad reflection of dashboard on windshield


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I got a massive crack in my windshield last year and had Safelite replace it (covered by insurance). Ever since it has been replaced, the dashboard has been reflecting terribly onto the windshield no matter where the sun is at. I bought and am using the dashmat below with minimal benefit. Is there anything I can do to fix this reflection? It's driving me insane. Is there anything I can coat it with?


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"Ever since it has been replaced"..??  If the Lexus OEM windshield did NOT have this problem and it started immediately after the new windshield was installed, I think you should be talking to your insurance company before spending any money to address the symptoms instead of the root cause.  All windshields are NOT created equal and it sounds like the new one has a surface that is creating your problem.  This replacement glass evidently has optical properties which differ from the Lexus OEM product.  Since your insurance paid for the replacement they should go back on Safelite for resolution and if that requires a Lexus OEM replacement glass then so be it.  I'd tell them it was distracting my vision creating a driving safety hazard and it was NOT a problem prior to the new glass being installed and it has to be addressed.  The purpose of insurance is to make you "whole" and clearly (no pun intended) this has not happened.  The replacement glass must have higher reflectivity creating a mirror effect of some degree.

Good luck and let us know how things work out.

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