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Passenger side front tire shakes

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2007 RX-350 with 166,000 miles. Front passenger side tire shakes on/off. We have a set of Michelin tires on the car with about 15,000 miles on them. So far we have had the brakes checked, tires balanced, and tires rotated. Still a problem. About 5000 miles ago we had a new front suspension put on. Starts when we make a right turn and continues to about 50mph. HELP!

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I would take the vehicle to a good alignment shop. I had my Mazda 3 suspension upgraded a few years ago. Last year the driver's side front corner would occasionally thunk when rebounding. I took the car back to the alignment shop (same one that installed the springs and shocks) and they found a loose shock mount, tightened the nut and charged me nothing.


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