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OCV clogged on pass side, any warnings for me?


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OK, never mind , I got it all fixed... removed all the plastic housings on the right side, actually just used the air intake to swivel it up out of the way,

and removed the bolt holding the OCV in its chamber, slid it up and washed it out with WD40 top clean it out, reassembled it and went for a drive,

and in less than a mile the lights went out and it was running like always....  not a bad days work for a almost 85 year old guy...

of course I am very tired and will expect much pain tomorrow, but it didnt cost anything but work.. and I didnt know I could do it.. MLK closures 

forced me into action...  Oh I did split one vacuum hose that I will need to replace (it is too short to trim down).

Below is my old shop I owned for 30 years.... I retired in 96, at 62 years old, and that was 23 years ago... 


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