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2018 Lexus IS350 F-Sport | "Go-to" performance upgrades?

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Hi LOC!  My name is Chris.  I'm from Colorado and the happy owner of a new 2018 IS350 F-Sport.

I'm a car enthusiast and a Superbike rider and racer.  I love to upgrade vehicles and this IS350 will be no exception!

I'm wondering what "go-to" performance upgrades you folks recommend?  Specifically, since this is a brand new vehicle and still under warranty, I'm curious about options that improve performance (acceleration and/or handling) without voiding the warranty, though, of course, long-term all options are on the table.

Also, I came across trdparts[.]jp - any feedback on this site?  Is it legitimate?



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Hi Chris....welcome to the Forum

Here's a link to the UK side of the site and there is plenty of getting the best out of the already awesome F Sport models.


TRD (Toyota Racing Development) parts are totally legit and purpose made for the job by Toyota.

Post up some pics of the IS if you want.

Cheers,  Trevor


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Hi Trevor,

Thanks.  Here's a pic of my new pride and joy.

I'm familiar with TRD, just not that particular website, so I was curious if anyone had any experience and could confirm it's not a place that's just going to steal my money 🙂

Thanks for the link to the UK site!  Will check it out tonight.



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