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Hello Everyone,

I bit the bullet and purchased a 2005 LS430 with 129K today (black/black). It's a no accident, 2 owner, FL car with so so service records according to it's CarFax.

I bought this car despite knowing that it has issues. RF Parking sensor announcement every time I stop. Radio volume seems to be is extremely limited. Rear sunshade does not deploy. Cruise control inoperative. Marginal tires, etc... It's been a tough 2 years financially (actually 10), and I'm between jobs now for 2 months. 

Any suggestions on where to start to remedy the problems with the car would be most appreciated.


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Hi James

We just took our '04 LS 430 to Key West and back, with 240,000 miles showing before the trip. No Issues whatsoever.

Get the tires first. I like the Michelins- great ride and good tread life. The other stuff can wait a while. Maybe cruse control next if planning long trips.

The LS is a great car, and should run for many years. 

Electronic glitches are to be expected, however. I choose to ignore mine rather than spend the bucks.


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Follow Up:

I have maybe another 5,000 miles on the tire before they get to the wear bars. In full agreement on the Michelins.

I've resolved all my issues except the RF parking sensor (minor scrape on corner), and the rear shade driver actuating arm is disconnected (I turned this off).

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