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  1. Hi All, Quite a variance in temperature this weekend. Of course, tire pressure as well as batteries are sensitive to outside temperature fluctuations. My wife informed me yesterday that the low tire pressure monitor light illuminated on the dash of her 2013 RX350. All 4 tires were down about 4 psi each, and the spare was down 21 psi. We have the optional 19's. I corrected the tire pressure in all 5 tires. However, unlike all other times this has happened, the light has failed to reset (shut off). Is there another reset button? Any suggestions? No event occurred other than a change in weather temperature, and we have 85K miles.
  2. Follow Up: I have maybe another 5,000 miles on the tire before they get to the wear bars. In full agreement on the Michelins. I've resolved all my issues except the RF parking sensor (minor scrape on corner), and the rear shade driver actuating arm is disconnected (I turned this off).
  3. Hello Everyone, I bit the bullet and purchased a 2005 LS430 with 129K today (black/black). It's a no accident, 2 owner, FL car with so so service records according to it's CarFax. I bought this car despite knowing that it has issues. RF Parking sensor announcement every time I stop. Radio volume seems to be is extremely limited. Rear sunshade does not deploy. Cruise control inoperative. Marginal tires, etc... It's been a tough 2 years financially (actually 10), and I'm between jobs now for 2 months. Any suggestions on where to start to remedy the problems with the car would be most appreciated.
  4. Hello All, The right side tail/brake light is out (in the trunk lid). There is a small plastic access door. I can't see how I can extract and install a new bulb, as the access outlet is quite small. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  5. I have 154K on the car. The belt was done at 90K. The water pump was replaced at 50K (before I got it). I've owned since 70K. I agree, typically do the pump, cam and crank seals along with the belt. The clear coat is eroding on the roof and starting on the hood. The driver's seat has tears and I need something that looks better. Jade mica with a tan interior. I plan to sell after the repair. I have to look into pricing. Orlando. Lost power for 5 days and weakened my wooden fence for the backyard. We were very fortunate, and I am ever so grateful. Thank you for your guidance.
  6. Hello All, Is there a "better" aftermarket water pump brand that is more compatible for the 2000 LS400? Quite certain of noise from the bearing on mine. Sending it to an independent Tuesday AM. My first time using this company.
  7. Hello All, I understand you can't diagnose a problem without testing. Yesterday, driving my 2000 LS in the morning my check engine light turned on while in motion. No change in car's behavior. I put 6 gallons of regular unleaded (by mistake, as I always use premium) the night before after work. There was about a 20 degree temperature variance from Friday to Saturday morning. I've owned this car for 12 years, and the check engine light has only come on once before. The dealer checked it out and replaced the gas cap, or gas cap seal. When I got to my destination Saturday morning I checked the gas cap. It appeared to be on tight. Should I just drive the car to see if the light goes out? I guess what would be best is to have someone check the trouble code. Any ideas on an approach? I work every day, but Sunday, so my time is limited.
  8. Happy Thanksgiving All! I'll need front brake pads soon for my 2000 LS400. Can anyone recommend anything aftermarket that matches Lexus pads from the dealer? I have used Rock Auto before. I wondered if there were pads for sale on Rock Auto that offer the same quality as "Lexus" pads. Pads that don't produce noise and excessive dust.
  9. Re-manufactured Denso alternator installed Friday. Working great so far. The power steering leak is coming from a hose near the pump. I am gong to ride it out for now. Thanks to everyone on this board. You people are great!
  10. Agreed. 4 1/2 years ago it got really cold and the car was parked outside. When I started the car the power steering was noisy, and it needed fluid. The Lexus dealer told me one of the hoses was leaking (seeping) $2,700 repair. When I asked why I could not detect any fluid on my garage floor, the dealer said it was leaking on the "frame rails". I have had to add minimal fluid since then. It could be possible the leak has all of a sudden gotten worse and that is what took out the alternator. I'll find out once the alternator is replaced (Denso to arrive today). I'll ask the person replacing it his thoughts.
  11. I am grateful for all the input from everyone. I have a power steering hose seeping fluid. Don't think this will affect the replacement alternator. I know the power steering pump is on top of the alternator. Ordered a Denso alternator from rockauto.com. I am having a technician from another division in my company install it when it arrives. I shall post the results.
  12. Hi Craig, Thank you for your input. I've read where others recommend a Lexus re manufactured alternator. Is the Denso just as good? The Lexus one is $352 wholesale. There is also a plastic connector for $8 that plugs in the back of the alternator. I'm told that the connector could be the cause of the battery light coming on, as well because the alternator won't charge. If it needs an alternator I'll gladly go with the Denso if it is just as good as an OEM. Yesterday, I had my car brought to a repair facility that I was referred to close to my new job. They said they should know something by noon today. I'll post they find.
  13. Bob, I have cleaned the terminals already. The car shut off due to a discharged battery (I surmise). I trickle charged the battery for and hour and it started. Battery symbol came on again. I called a neighbor and drove the car over to him. He put a meter on the battery and said the alternator was not charging. Today I am going to make calls to find out about pricing. I've got to try to fully charge the battery and hope it doesn't completely discharge while I am driving to the repair facility I choose to use. I have read that the way to go is a factory alternator.
  14. Hello to all, Can any of you counsel me on a matter? 2000 LS 400 with 143,000 miles. After an 8 mile ride pulling into my garage the red battery picture light illuminates. Car has had no issues starting and has been starting as usual since battery replacement 04/14. This morning, starts up normally no battery light and pull car out of my garage to clean a mild amount of corrosion on battery terminals. After doing so, car starts up normal, but my steering wheel doesn't drop, A/C does not turn on, and VSC check come on information panel. I shut off and restart. Steering wheel drops and A/C comes on, but with multiple warning lights on dash. I start to drive and engine starts to shut off intermittently. Then it shuts off altogether. I try to restart, but key just turns with no engine cranking. The car stopped running the next street over from my house. There was no power to roll up the driver's window, so I put a trickle charger on it. I was able to close the window and I still have it charging.. FWIW two weeks ago, one of my 3rd brake light bulbs went out. I did'nt have a 921 LL, but had a similiar smaller bulb. The similiar bulb works, but has a lower brightness and trips the information center with "Brake Light Failure". I can't see how this would be related, but you never know. I just haven't gotten around to getting the right bulb. I surmise some type of low voltage issue, but what depleted the battery so quickly? My local dealer in FL is very expensive, and I just found meaningful full time employment after a couple of years, so I am no where near being flush. I am grateful for any input.
  15. Any suggestions on most effective, easy to use windshield shade for FL?
  16. Are there any known TSB's for premature cracking and discoloration on 10-11 RX350's by the factory (Lexus)?
  17. To all board members: Through my own research I found significant information regarding options for extended warranties on used Lexus vehicles. Amazing there was no feedback on this matter, or purchase tips regarding what to be concerned about on specific models. I'll construe that as 2010 Lexus products are trouble free, which is encouraging. Not the experience I had with the 2000 LS in our household. If the 10 RX I am purchasing doesn't measure up, I won't buy another.
  18. Hello, Can anyone recommend a reputable extended warranty insurance company for vehicle registered in FL? I found the vehicle I plan to purchase, but it is not at a CPO from aLexus dealer.
  19. Planning to purchase a 2010 RX350 for wife as soon as possible. Is there anything I need to pay close attention to that is problematic? Wanted a CPO, but dealers in SW FL tend to mask all the wear. Such as dying seats, that won't be covered by the warranty when the dye wears off. Not to mention ruined clothing. Any extended warranty companies to recommend also? Much appreciated. D. H.
  20. Can anyone recommend a quality independent shop for brake work, etc... in the Sarasota / Bradenton area?
  21. Hello All, I am contemplating trading my 2000 LS400 with 111K miles for a 2004 LS430 with 48K miles. Can anyone recommend a quality extended warranty? Any thoughts for what I should expect on a trade in value? Jade / Ivory - HID Lights, CD Changer, Moonroof, clean Carfax, no paint work, tires 50%, well maintained.
  22. I would like to thank all of you for your support and feedback . Two days after the severe temperature variance the power steering noise has completely subsided.
  23. In no way was I attempting to slight you, or anyone else on this forum. Perhaps, Lucas needs to communicate better between Tech Support and Customer Service. I thank you for the clarification. Although, when I plugged in my current zip code no retailers showed up. If the noise is still there when it warms up, I think I will have someone change the fluid for me. Best, Dark Horse New Club Member, The Lucas site says "Compatible with all power steering systems and fluids, petroleum or synthetic" I even called tech support @ Lucas in CA and chatted with a service tech. I asked specifically if their power steering fluid/conditioner was compatible with a Lexus LS400 and he said "Yes, no problem". Do as you like with your power steering. I certainly do not endorse Lucas products, but I am done trying to answer with your contemptuous attitude. Guru
  24. Landmar, That was my thought as well. Everything was fine up until this morning. Typically, the Lexus is in a garage, but we are in the process of relocating and lost interim housing we had for 3 months. 111,000 miles on this 2000 LS400. I shall let it sit until tomorrow afternoon when the temp should reach 70, then start it and turn the wheel and see how it reacts. I surmise a Toyota dealer would not be cognizant of an idiosyncrasy on a Lexus. I have a Camry too. The conversation with the local Lexus dealer about there thoughts on a remedy based on my description of the complaint was a real downer. Thanks to all for your thoughts. By the way, Guru, for your edification, I contacted Lucas Oil in CA. Their power steering treatment is not compatible with Lexus products according to customer service. I hope all returns to normal tomorrow.
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