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Hi Everyone:

I've had a 91 LS400 for several years now (180K miles), and am generally happy with it, although there are still a few minor issues I am hoping to get help with.

My first main success was changing out the climate control LCD by installing a replacement one from Ebay - is fairly easy if handy with a soldering iron.  Have done a few routine maintenance items, such as changing plugs, but left changing the distributor cap & rotor to my mechanic, when I had them do when they changed the timing belt at about 160K - they said it was the original one, and was cracked, and had skipped a few teeth, making the LS400 run a bit rough....

Anyway, I have a few issues that I hope folks can help me with.  I have some info on the fuel pump relay that may help folks, will post on forum.







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Hi Jim....welcome to the Forum

sounds like you're on top of all the maintenance tasks...hope you resolve the fuel pump issue.

Cheers,  Trevor

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