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Looking for a part!


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"I Love a Lexus!"

I'm having a hard time finding a part for my 2002 RX300.  The part I need is the "Outer Grounding/Retaining Sleeve" for my antenna mast.  This sleeve holds the antenna mast and antenna tube in place and allows the special nut (and when they said "special" they weren't kidding).to be screwed into the antenna tube.  Any help in locating the part, Ladies & Gents?

Also, I got the special nut off, but putting it back on ain't so simple.  Is there an actual  "special nut wrench/tool" ?

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A good pair of needle nose pliers will get the job done but the tips need to be fairly long and slender.  El cheapo pliers probably need not apply.  Your best bet for the Outer Grounding/Retaining Sleeve is probably going to be a used parts place/junkyard.  Pull-A-Part is a national franchise where you have to do your own wrenching but if they have what you need you'll never find it for less. https://www.pullapart.com/locations/      If there is not one in your area there are probably similar salvage yards.  With Pull-A-Part you can check their inventory before you go to see if they have a Gen 1 RX300 in inventory.  Otherwise, you're at the mercy of your friendly Lexus parts department.  Or, depending on your level of desperation, a quick Internet search will find you complete replacement antennas: http://www.partsgeek.com/catalog/2002/lexus/rx300/fluids-fs-manuals-fs-misc/antenna.html   Lotsa luck.

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