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On two occasions recently, my 2016 RX has experienced an acceleration problem.

--  The first time, it occurred when I was backing out of a parking space at a Freeway Rest Stop. I started the car, put it in Reverse and let my foot off the brake, to "creep" out. Nothing happened. I pressed the accelerator a bit and still nothing. I pressed harder and nada. I put it in Drive and it inched forward a bit. I again put it in Reverse and removed my foot from the brake and everything worked normally. No warning lights appeared on the instrument panel.

--  A few weeks later, I started the car normally, put it in Drive and pulled from the curb parking space into the traffic lane. The damned thing wouldn't accelerate and I almost got rear-ended. The speed topped out at 8mph, according to my HUD. A yellow warning triangle, over the 80mph marker on the speedometer lit for about a half-second. The Dealer couldn't duplicate the problem on a test drive (one round trip from the shop of about a mile) nor were there any codes stored in the diagnostics unit.

Has anyone else experienced an acceleration problem? (NOTE: The car is always in the Normal driving mode. I never use "Sport" or "Econ" Modes).


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Hi Gary

It does sound like the transmission is not engaging correctly and applying full hydraulic pressure....could be a sensor issue.

I would definitely take it back to the dealers to run more tests as this is quite a dangerous occurrence by the sound of it

Keep us update on how this progresses

Cheers  Trevor

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This doesn't appear to be a problem with the transmission. There was no acceleration OR increase in engine RPM. The RPM reached about 1000.

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Vehicle is still under warranty, have dealership calibrate/update the ecm on your vehicle 

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